7 Skincare Tips to Put Into Action upon Waking Up

How To Apply An Eye Crème

How To Apply An Eye Crème

First things first, when looking for skincare products turn to nature at the beginning. The earth generously provides us with the best remedies. When it comes to skincare, there is no more natural way than to start your day with a sweet, delicious, and nutrient smoothie that will brighten your day and skin.

Gulp this smoothie!

Combine avocado, mango, pineapple, banana, and if you are inclined spinach or kale is optional. Add coconut water for a tropical touch. It is the breakfast for a vibrant skin; avocado will help hydrate your skin. Mango gives you carotenoids these helps freshen up the skin while pineapple provides Vitamin C which helps in producing collagen.

If you are not a huge juicing fan, maybe you will benefit from the antioxidants that coffee provide.

Never neglect the exfoliating cleanser!

Ditching the exfoliating cleanser is a sin you do not want to commit against your skin unless you have a sensitive or dry skin. Using a combination of a physical and chemical scrub is the way to go. An exfoliating cleanser helps clear your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Tone it up!

Not toning up your skin is another common mistake people make in their skincare. You can find the perfect tone for your skin type and condition; you have no excuse. Why tone it up? I thought you would never ask! Toning your skin helps it to balance the acid-alkaline ratio, which is really an important factor in skin care.

Use your anti-aging serum!

So now you have toned it up, what now? Use an anti-aging serum to soften your skin. It will help you restore a youthful skin over time. Dermatologists recommend One Truth 818 anti-aging serum because it is the only serum in the world that contains the TAM-818 molecule.

It will aid the body to produce more Telomerase, the enzyme that slows down the shortening of telomeres.

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Protect yourself from the sun!

The sunblock in your makeup is not enough sometimes. Sunscreen is not only for the beach or summer it should be applied all year long. It should be a daily habit if skin care is what you desire. There are any kinds of sunscreen out there; we recommend using the “broad spectrum” types. There are two major types of sunscreen and one that protects against UVB, and the other protects against UVA. It is desirable to use a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor over 30 to protect yourself against both.

You can put your make up on now!

So you have taken all those necessary steps? Only now you can start putting on your makeup. Why? It is especially important to put on your makeup last thing because you might have slept last night without removing yesterday’s makeup.

One last thing…

Please, do not neglect the rest of your body. While you are waiting for your face to absorb the moisturizer and One Truth 818 anti-aging serum take care of your body by using Vaseline or something similar. Remember that the skin on your body needs some love too.

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