8 Skin Care Secrets You Must Know Before You Turn 30

Why We Age Anti Aging Serum Face With Zipper

How old are you? If you are under 30, you are presumably counting every second. Recently, turning thirty has become a hot topic among 20-something women. Some can’t wait to start a new decade of their lives while others hate the idea that they’re growing up to an age where they need to “have all the answers.” You are not really going to find all the answers, and you probably would still consider pizza a separate food group. Being somewhere in the middle is okay. However, don’t stop yourself from welcoming your thirties with open arms (and tons of champagne). There is only one tiny problem, though; your skin will grow up too!

It really is a scary thought, and it’s even terrifying when you learn what happens to your skin on a physiological level. As your age progress, the fat pads that make your cheeks look full and beautiful beginning to thin and shift downward, and you see a facial bone loss. This results in changes like the hollowing of the eye area and dropping of the cheeks. When the cheeks shrink, it causes deeper lines to form around the nose and the mouth. Who knew that losing fat could be so terrible? The bad news doesn’t stop here: Dynamic wrinkles. These lines are created because of monotonous folding of the skin with facial expressions, such as furrowing the brows.

But before you frown, scowl, or sneer about these facts, remember that all these negative facial expressions will only make matters worse, and there is an advantage. We have the skincare “secrets” every 30-something women should start on applying yesterday. We hope these tips will still work for you for the next ten years or so.

1. Use sunscreen

This one is mentioned in every skincare tips article written, ever. But it really helps, and you already are doing it. Our tip is to wear a sunscreen containing zinc with SPF 30 or higher. It’s vital to wear it even if you are driving your car.

2. Always wear your sunglasses

Happily, this one is easy to do anywhere. Your shades are your reserve against crow’s feet. They don’t only protect against the sun, but they also prevent squinting. Squinting causes wrinkles to build around the eyes; you should strive not to squint, ever. Remember to talk your sunglasses with you, even if it’s a cloudy day.

3. Don’t tan

Many women like to layout, with SPF hopefully! But it’s a big no-no. In reality, tan is just skin damage. If you must do it, grab the self-tanner. In addition, if you still go to tanning beds, quit. No, just QUIT NOW. Tanning beds are the primary cause of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

4. Sleep on your back

When you retire, remember to sleep on your back, always. Because compression and tension applied to the face when sleeping in any other position causes “sleep marks” that develop over time.

5. Stop using straws

This is something you’re going to miss. A wise invention helps you avoid ruining your lipstick. Unfortunately, when the circular muscle around your mouth contracts, the skin twitches and crinkles like a drawstring bag, which lead to lines.

6. Get a hold of a retinol

Together with sunscreen, retinol forms a fantastic anti-aging combo. It triggers collagen production and reducing dead skin cells, which assists preventing fine lines and congested pores. Retinol use may not be evidently clear in the first few years, but trust us, your 60 years old self will be grateful. Enjoy firmer, tighter and even colored skin when you’re 60 years old. Start from the beginning.

7. Love your lashes

Only a stupid woman or a man would deny the effect of the eyelashes in the general appearance of the face! Eyelashes boost your youthful look without you having to do anything except maybe putting them on. Use them as a trick to protect your own eyelashes from thick mascara.

8. Personalize your diet

Subject to your skin type and lifestyle, it’s essential to pick the skincare routine that aligns with your particular skin problems. For illustration, if you have dry skin, you should select moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to preserve moisture. If you are uncertain of your complexion concerns, #askaderm!