9 Free Skincare Tips from a Celebrity Dermatologist

Dr Harold Lancer, dermatologist to the stars

Ever wondered how Victoria Beckham looks ageless? Do you feel envious of how Kim Kardashian’s skin seem to be glowing? Are you interested in learning their secrets? Read this article to know more about Dr. Harold Lancer‘s free tips on maintaining healthy skin. Dr. Lancer is the favorite dermatologist and skin authority for Hollywood stars like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, and more.

(If you do not have the fortune to spend on lots of anti-aging creams, you can just buy our affordable One Truth 818 anti-aging serum. Otherwise, learn these simple lifestyle and skincare tips on a budget.)

1. An excellent choice for a basic yet adequate cleanser is an uncomplicated baby shampoo – as it is so soothing on the skin, it will remove dirt without irritating.

2. To stop wasting money on products that aggravate your skin, test the product first before you buy. Put a tiny portion of the product on the silky skin on the inside of your arm, if you feel no irritation or rash, then it is safe to use on your face, neck, and décolletage.

3. Preserve your skin care products in the fridge-freezer to prolong their shelf life – particularly vital if you have invested in high quality, luxurious product.

4. Always rinse your face in warm water, as hot water and steam carry away natural oils and leak moisture from your skin.

5. Get an adequate amount of beauty sleep! Production of Collagen goes faster during sleep. Sleep helps you produce more collagen to replace inflammation breakdowns; do not underestimate the power of sleeping! Ignoring sleep also worsens present skin conditions – wild inflammation could create more acne breakouts and increased skin sensitivity.

6. Pledge yourself to a skin regime – to get results you must keep going with your efforts no matter what. Lacking perseverance to your skincare regime, the dead cells you take out through the polish and cleanse stages will just gather again, and cell regeneration will slow significantly. Skin is alive, which is why you can adjust and amend it. Neglect your responsibility towards your skin, and it will go back to its prior state.

7. Adopt a high protein diet – your hair, nails, and skin all require a continuous stream of protein for growing and healing. L-lysine and L-proline are important amino acids that build collagen – and stimulating collagen production is crucial to the fresher looking skin. Respectable sources of protein that relate to anti-ageing nourishment incorporate lean meats, some nuts, tofu, fish, egg whites, lentils and beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

8. Reduce salt – while indispensable in small amounts, salt boosts fluid retention and can aggravate the lining of your pores, as your body disregard excess salt through your skin via sweat, Iodized salt intensifies acne, so cutting back can really support clearing up your skin.

9. Cucumber is an unrecognized super food – your skin will love the high water content, and the silica in the peel enhances collagen production. Look for unwaxed cucumbers.

So there you have it. Nine free tips that won’t cost you a dime so you can take care of your skin no matter how old you are, they will work for you. Psst. We recommend starting with reducing salt from your food, not only your skin but your whole body will thank you. These are the best tips for skin care from a real skincare expert, Dr. Lancer.