Actor Katherine Kennard talks about her year using One Truth 818 Anti Ageing Skin Serum

After using the One Truth 818 serum for a year, actress Katherine Kennard lets us in on the results she got from this anti aging product.

Hey lovely people I’m here to give you a bit of an update on One Truth 818. I’ve been on the product for a year now so I’m going to give you a little bit of info about how I feel. First of all I want to talk about the new packaging which is fabulous and the reason why the packaging is fabulous is because you know when you get to the, usually get to the end of your product and this is a special product and you’ve probably spent a bit of money on it and there’s always that little bit at the bottom that you can’t get out and it’s frustrating. You squeeze as much as you can to get to the bottom.

Well this is designed so that with a kind of a system that pumps the, pumps the serum up all the way up to the top and basically pushes every little last drop of the serum out so it does it all for you which is fantastic, the reason why I noticed is I pulled the whole thing apart to work it out. So yeah really really nice new design. And yeah, so I’ve been on this now for a year and at one stage I couldn’t get a hold of the product for about a week and it was a disaster. No, I had to go back to my old, an old product that I used and it was pretty clear after a week the difference of how my skin felt.

Not only was my skin a bit, kind of in the daytime, a bit too oily, whereas this serum makes my skin just feel perfectly moisturized and dewy. Obviously wintertime, now I put on an extra moisturizer on top just like a tinted moisturizer something, something very light though. Yeah so a week without it and I was crying for it. So yeah, I really love it still and yeah, I can’t think of any other product won’t be using right now. All right, bye.

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