Actress Katherine Kennard with the One Truth 818 Serum

Actor Katherine Kennard talks more about her year using One Truth 818 Anti Ageing Skin Serum.

Hey, alright so I’m going to talk to you about One Truth. I have now been using the product for six months and I’d like to say how happy I am with the product. The main reason probably, well there’s a few, a few good reasons. The first big reason is the last two books that I did which was on the first day that I used it and then two weeks later was that I was having rashes around my eyes. This is an issue that I’ve had over the last few years. Even though it is an internal issue that brings up the rashes, what has happened I believe is they’ve completely gone and I think the One Truth strengthened because I’ve always put it around my eyes. I think the One Truth has strengthened the skin around this area and so I’m no longer getting these rashes and I couldn’t be any happier.

I really enjoy using the product. I, during the summertime, I put a huge amount on my face, just keep it around my eyes, my mouth area, and then I will make sure I put it on my neck and chest and my hands. I’m turning 45 this year so I want to stop the aging process going on my hands as you can see, it’s starting to happen. During the summer months I won’t put it underneath any sunscreen it’s probably a little too much so I would like to wear it alone in the day or I will just put it on at nighttime. Either way it’s worked really well especially in these kind of tropical humid days. I think it’s too much to put two products on winter time though I was definitely putting it, putting it underneath some type of moisturizer. So well, yeah I’m quite confident to go out with no makeup on.

I’ve felt pretty good about my skin and I have had major major skin issues all my life and so to be 45 and walking out, feeling onfident about my skin is huge. So thanks to One Truth and the lovely people that own it. Rachael, Chris, I’m really grateful to be able to test the product for them and I recommend it to everybody, everybody. Thanks, bye.

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