Anti Ageing Serum by Katherine Kennard

Katherine Kennard One Truth 818 Antiaging Ambassador

Actress Katherine Kennard uses One Truth 818. Here’s what she had to say upon trying the serum.

Hi there. So I’m going to do a running video blog on this little product called One Truth. I just got handed this yesterday from a friend of mine and I’m going to try it.

Basically One Truth has got, I’m going to read it out to you because I still haven’t studied it properly, a patented molecule called 818 and it was discovered by a telomere biologist Dr. Andrews.

Now this 818 supposedly is what can reverse the signs of aging on your skin. In fact it can reverse aging within your whole body but in this particular product it’s just for your skin.

So you apply it on morning and night and I’ve done two pumps and I’ve tried it last night and today for the first time.

If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a bruise. I went to my acupuncturist and unfortunately a needle just created a little bruise. So maybe this might help, I don’t know.

First feel, it feels lovely and smooth, I can tell that there were some beautiful oils in there. I haven’t actually got the ingredients but I will run the ingredients by you next time.

It’s not necessarily something that you can wear on its own. You would put especially in the colder months to draw out the dry areas as well as you put some other moisturizer on your skin so you treat it like a serum. Although it feels pretty good to me, I’d probably put just a tiny teensy bit of moisturizer where I feel like I need it.

Yeah so I have a month’s trial and I will keep you informed as to what happens to my skin. I have put it all over my eyes, up above my eyes, everywhere, and down on my neck.

It’s just to make this clear I’ve turned 44 just last week so let’s give it a month and let’s see what happens.

Ok speak to you soon.

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