Anti Ageing Serum One Truth 818 Review by Dr. Steven Gabriel

Hear what Dr. Steven Gabriel has to say after learning about One Truth 818.

I’m Dr. Steven Gabriel and I want to share with everyone today probably the most important discovery in science and medicine in the last five decades. And it’s the discovery that at the ends of all of our DNA is literally the ticking time clock that determines just how old our cells are.

Now the exciting part about this discovery is that we’ve learned that if you can actually control this timeclock you literally can make cells in your body older and younger just by the movement of this time clock. The time clock that I’m talking about it telomeres. They’re a small piece at the ends of our DNA that literally start off fairly long, and through our lifetime continually shorten and as they shorten, they tell our cells to start acting older.

You can just imagine the effects of something like this for diseases of aging. If you can make the telomeres longer, you would get rid of those diseases. For our skin cells, you would make our skin younger. For our body you would make it heal a little quicker. For our energy level we would have more for our brain, we would think like we did when we were just teenagers. It’s really an amazing discovery.

The trick to all this is no one really knows how to make these ends longer to tell our cells to be younger. But science is just starting to discover a few molecules that have some influence and can make these longer and influence our cells. Obviously we can’t make them all the way young yet because we believed we could actually make people young. But we can’t quite do that, but we certainly can influence and have a tremendous impact on our cells.

I can tell you about one of the latest discoveries and that’s the molecule called TAM 818 and this molecule literally when it gets into cells starts making this ends of our DNA called telomeres longer and the effects are nothing short of tremendous. The first product that has this in there because you can imagine there’s got to be tremendous FDA testing before this can be taken as a medication.

So the first product that I know that has it is actually the skin cream and the skin cream is called One Truth and I think that this skincare product is nothing short of amazing. It goes on to our skin, it gets absorbed into our skin cells and it influences those skin cells to actually become younger. You can imagine what this does, it makes our skin more plump, it radiates color better, repairs quicker, wrinkles decrease, volume increases, and it’s spectacular.

I can tell you right now that the first way to start learning about this is to download our ebook now and start reading about telomerase and telomeres and the effects of this with DNA and soon as you get this information, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited about this product as I am.

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