Anti Aging Scientist Comes 64th In Tahoe’s 200 Mile Race

This is one of the Posts in the Series “Where is Bill” that is Dr Bill Andrews the inventor of TAM-818 the active Telomerase ingredient within One Truth 818 Anti Aging Serum.

Bill is a full time Marathon man and does these types of races often.  He says Anti Aging is not just about science but exercise, nutrition and well being.  To be ready for longer living you not only have to reverse aging but be fit and healthy.

This is the information about the race, see

The 2016 Tahoe 200 mile Endurance Run is will be September 9-13, 2016 beginning at Homewood, CA on beautiful Lake Tahoe!

The Tahoe 200 is an incredible journey around the largest alpine lake in North America. The route circumnavigates the sparkling, clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail, occasionally detouring off the TRT to explore aspen meadows, rock gardens of giants, small impossibly blue lakes, thick canopied forests, and long ridge lines with stunning views.  The route is nothing less than magical.