Anti Aging Serum Case Studies & Testimonials

The One Truth 818 serum was tested on dozens of women. Listen to what they had to say after trying this amazing anti aging product.

Hi, my name is Juliana. I’ve been using the cream for two months. I’m 40 years old and the changes I’ve noticed mainly at my skin, it feels much smoother. The texture is softer and smoother. My pores look and feel smaller. And something that has been really noticeable for me has been when I was pregnant with my baby not long ago cause he just turned one, I got quite dark hormonal pigmentation spots and just under my eyes and also had one on my brow, they have really reduced in color. I can’t even notice them anymore, and that’s probably been the biggest change for me.

My name’s Katherine, I’ve been using the serum for the last eight weeks and I think the biggest thing that I’ve found with my skin is also pigmentation. I feel even some of my moles have actually blanched a bit and also I think probably my neck is one place that I had noticed definitely an improvement in regards to wrinkles and pigmentation.

Hi I’m Karyn and I’m 38. I’ve been using serum 818 for eight weeks. I’ve noticed the difference in the smoothness of my face and the tone over all. The wrinkles are definitely not standing out so much when I look in the mirror either. It’s a great product.

My name is Wendy and I’ve been using the 818 serum for about eight weeks now. And it’s changed after about three weeks, my husband even noticed change, that I looked more radiant. I have noticed my wrinkles that they have disappeared a little bit, so yeah really love the product.

I’m Merryn, I’m coming up 40 and I’ve been using serum 818 for eight weeks now. I had some areas of concern, my forehead, my crow’s feet and I’ve got some sensitivity in and around here. After about 5 or 6 weeks, I’ve found that this line here has become smaller and shallower. These guys here have almost disappeared and I really am noticing a change in that sensitivity. So I think it’s a great product, it’s really starting to work for me and what I love about it the most is it just feels so yummy when I put it on in the morning.

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