Anti Aging Serum Inventor Rachael D’Aguiar is Nominated Woman of the Year

The winner of the coveted award will be announced on October 13 so keep your fingers crossed and GO RACHAEL!!!

The NZ Women’s Weekly Magazine site states (edited) “Business & Innovation Rachael D’Aguiar, Director, Chase Life Extension Foundation.  In the past three years, D’Aguiar has procured the rights to active ingredient TAM-818, and with it created an Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 that is revolutionising the face of anti-ageing. TAM-818 is a telomerase inducer; ie, it re-lengthens telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that are linked to ageing and disease. As founder of the Chase Life Extension Foundation (CLEF), D’Aguiar aims to provide a range of products and therapeutics that support a long, healthy life. CLEF has secured distribution in more than eight countries.”