Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 – Rachael D’Aguiar explains how One Truth 818 was tested

Rachael D’Aguiar, the formulator of One Truth 818 skin serum, explains to One Truth’s Branka Duric how the serum was exhaustively tested on 100 volunteers at Abich Laboratories in Italy.

Well the thing is, when it comes to testing, you have to – and rightly so, like back in the day, you know, I don’t know, a decade or so ago,you could, somebody would do tests on vitamin C for example, and they would say, wow, vitamin C can do this and that, and all of these things. But it might have been at 20%, and then you could go and make, what I guess, you know, a home made mask and put one drop of vitamin C and then make all of the claims that they were making without any regard to actual strengths or the other ingredients that they were using, or anything like that. So it was a bit of a – it was really misleading what people were allowed to say in their marketing material. Now what happens – which is, you know, what I think should happen, is that when you send a product to have it tested in a lab, it has to be the final product. So whatever – if you make any changes to it – you have to have it tested all over again. So you’re not making the claims of you know, each particular ingredient you put in there, it’s a claim on a final product. So if you get it wrong, then it’s another 6 figures to go and get it re-tested again. So you make sure with extra certainty that what you’ve got is made, it’s gone through challenge testing, it’s been on stability, it’s been in an oven for six months, it’s …you know, before you send it out there. Because it ended up costing us to this point, and pay for the testing, about a quarter of a million dollars.

So how many tests did you guys do before you were kinda happy with the final product?

So we sent it up there, we sent it to Abich labs in Italy, and it took them a little while to even come back.

That’s where you tested, correct?

Yeah. Yeah.

We asked them to do 100 volunteers, and they had never ever been asked to do that. So if you look in most beauty magazines, what you’ll see is “thirty percent of women ‘felt’ better,” and when you see a little asterisk, that’s you know, “five women used this for two weeks” or it’s just, the numbers are crazy. If you get any testing done over 20 (people), very often it’s not actually clinical, it’s just tell us how you ‘feel’, it’s very touchy feely. So they had never ever done a clinical trial on a hundred people before. We wanted irrefutable proof that what we were saying was working. And the reason for that is because the 818 is so different, you know, TAM 818 is reversing aging. So we’re not synthesizing collagen to have a bit more collagen topically, to make your skin look better, we’re not melting off the top layers, to get rid of dry rough skin. You know, we’re not doing anything which can be deemed cosmetic, just for a bit of visual look. It actually is reversing the age of that cell and making your skin younger. So in order to be taken seriously, we had to take our own testing really seriously too. So we have, we have tests as to how much elastin it’s producing, you know, once you use it, like how much elastin has it made your body produce because the cells are younger. And then we’ve had the wrinkles measured in two different ways as well, so that we could really, kind of set two different machines, not of it is done by hand, but so that we could really put those together and use all of that as evidence. We also had all of mutagenicity and all of the cancer tests and toxicity and all of that kind of stuff done as well. So it was pretty comprehensive.

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