Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 – with Dr Bill Andrews PhD

Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 - with Dr Bill Andrews PhD

Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 – with Dr Bill Andrews PhD



Dr Bill Andrews “we’ve been searching for small molecule drugs and nature products that will actually induce production of telomerase inside of our cells and like that are telomeres, and we’ve been very successful. We have … Our, our strongest, uh, treatment is a chemical called TAM-818. It stands for Telomerase Activating Molecule 818, and this is the most [00:00:30] anti-aging, um, treatment on the planet right now. It is 300 times more potent than the second-best thing I know of. It is, uh, uh, so it’s, it’s, it’s out there and it’s, it’s not approved, uh, i- in the United States, except for skincare. It, there, your … now our skincare products that you can buy in the United States that, uh, uh, contain the TAM-818 molecule, but it’s now getting approved in [00:01:00] Southeast Asia, mostly Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea, and Beijing, uh, where it is now being put into patches and it is being put into, uh, sublingual oral spray, so you spray it …

… goes under your tongue. Um, and, uh, now, this, this … I say it’s 300 times more potent than anything else that is ever existed for anti-aging, but it’s still not potent enough to actually turn [00:01:30] a 80-year-old into a 24-year-old again.

That’s what my research is doing, and we are trying to look for something that will do that. We … TAM-818 is about, um, 16% of the way there, even though it’s not strong enough to do that. It’s still the, it still slows down the ageing process a lot, so we do expect significant extension of lifespan and health span from people just from the slowing down of telomere shortening.