Anti Aging Serum Testimonial By Lauren

Anti Aging Serum Testimonial By Lauren Clifton

Listen to Lauren as she describes how the OneTruth818 serum improved her skin. –
Hi I’m Lauren. When I first came in, I had quite oily skin and a bit of acne and a couple of lines under my eyes.

Yeah, my friend told me, told me about this product and I was a little bit nervous or I didn’t actually think it would do much for me because there was a few older people that were in here.

But since, yes, since I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed quite a big difference. It cleared up my acne, my T-zone, everything. All the oil have gone completely, and the dark I, ring eyes, I have rings around the eyes, sorry. They lightened up as well. Yeah, so I’m really happy. So yes, quite oily all along here, and it caused quite bad acne, pimples.

So then using the product within seven days, it cleared it up completely. For, I think it was about eight months, it was really, really good, and then unfortunately, I ran out and started using my old product and all my acne came back. So I need to buy some more product.

Oh, I love the product, yeah. It just smooths everything out and just totally in love with it, yeah.

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