Anti Aging Serum Testimonial by Rachel

Rachel loves using the One Truth 818 serum and here’s why:

So my name is Rachel and I’ve been, I’ve been trying the serum 818. Absolutely love it.

When I first started, I really didn’t have, I didn’t think it could do much because I’ve been very lucky with the creams I’ve been able to use. I’ve been working in beauty all, you know, all my working life and I’ve had been able to use a lot of moisturizers and serums and all sorts of things.

So when I was asked to do their trial, I thought, oh, well, it can’t really do a great deal because I’ve already had all these great creams. But it really did.

As soon as I put it on, my skin felt a lot more hydrated and it felt, and it glowed a lot more as soon as I put the serum on the first time. I didn’t really notice too many differences or changes in the first couple of weeks. But as I carried on using it, I began to feel that a lot of my skin was, was feeling a lot tighter and I felt that, not tighter in the dehydrated way, but a lot tighter in the way it was sitting.

I found that my eyes, my eyebrows were being lifted a bit because I had trouble with my, not trouble, but my eyelids were very, beginning to go south. But I now feel like my eyes are a lot wider open. And also I had a line in the middle of my forehead there which was really pronounced. But having been using the serum, I suppose I noticed after about a month’s worth of use that it started to diminish a lot.

Yes, so I’ve, I really love product and a lot of people have said how my skin feels so, looks really glowing and, and hydrated and lovely, yeah. I had my eye on that line from day one and I thought this will be a really good indicator as to whether it’s working or not. And, and it really, it really did. Yeah, it took, it took about two or three weeks to start, but it, it did and it really did diminish it. And I also noticed I had, have quite a little, lot of redness as I’m getting older I get quite a bit of redness on my cheeks and that was, that really diminished too.

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