Anti Aging Serum – personal trainer Rochelle (30) talks about how One Truth 818 has changed her skin

Hear what Rochelle has to say about the One Truth 818 serum:

My name is Rochelle. It was really good going into this, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t really know what my skin was going to do or how it was going to react to it.

First couple of weeks I noticed straight away, my hands actually becoming a lot softer from using the product and putting it on. And then I noticed my skin becoming a lot more softer, smooth, moisture was in there.

I’m stuck on the air conditioning all day, every day. And I usually experience a bit of dryness and that was gone within a week. My redness had died down in my cheeks, which I usually get and they’re definitely gone away.

By the end of the trial, non-existent, and a lot of people noticed. A lot of people would come up to me and say that my skin was looking vibrant. They said they had to avoid asking if I’d done something with my eyes because they just look brighter obviously.

Just with my skin being a lot smoother and just it felt a lot younger than what I felt. It just, it felt really smooth like silk. It’s the only way I can really describe it. It’s kind of like that silky smooth kind of feeling, like you get on, I wouldn’t say like a newborn, but on a, on like a little, a little baby.

Yep definitely firmer, especially around the eyes. Sometimes when you get a little bit tired and you feel like you like this, but it just, it was kind of like that brightening almost feeling.

Yep, really, really like it. I’ve stopped using it since the trial and I definitely miss it.

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