Anti aging serum webinar with Dr Bill Andrews Phd “…we are on the brink of reversing aging…”

Be amazed at the science behind telomeres shortening and telomerase. As you listen to Dr. Bill Andrews, Rachael D’Aguiar and Katherine Kennard talk about it and the One Truth 818 Serum, you’ll understand how important these all are and how close we are to reversing aging.

Bill Andrews to you. Bill is the president of Sierra Sciences. He’s an award-winning microbiologist who discovered the enzyme telomerase and you’ll hear why this is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of all time a little later during this webinar. He’s called the man who would stop time by Popular Science magazine and he’s named in over 50 US patents which is unheard of for any biologist. He’s created the world’s strongest telomerase inducer ever which you’ll be hearing a lot more about as well too. And he really is leading the way in the fight against aging and all age-related diseases.

And also I’d like to welcome Katherine Kennard who’s an award-winning actress for television and theatre roles. She’s well known for her TV roles in Underbelly and Spartacus, Nothing Trivial, Shortland Street and many many more. She’s a wonderful animal rights activists. She supports at-risk children and young struggling mothers. And we’re delighted that she is recognized now as the face of One Truth 818. Hi Katherine.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Rachael D’Aguiar Sanders. I’m the director of Chase Life Extension Foundation and we provide funding for research into curing aging and we’re also the creators of the One Truth 818 range which I have formulated for everybody 818 serum and I am your host for today.

First thing, to all of our guests out there, thank you for the questions that you have already posted ahead of time, it was great to see your enthusiasm’s there. And we’re going to be answering some of those pre posted questions during the webinar, we will do our best to answer every single one of them afterwards so just under your video screen where you’re seeing me right now,that’s where you can post some questions as they pop into your mind and we will answer them afterwards.

Now the science and breakthroughs that we are about to discover on this call are amazing to all of humankind, but they’re also really applicable to people who own anti aging skin care and beauty businesses to be right at the forefront of all of this technology. So if you have one of those businesses please stay with us until the end because we will have a very special offer that we can reveal to you at the end of this webinar. So previously, take a breath that was quite an introduction for everybody. Bill, could you start please by giving us just a basic and an outline of what telomeres are.

Well, let me begin with simply saying that a lot of people believe that we all age the same way as old trucks sitting in a field age, you know. They think we age because of the exposure to the sun, the wind, the rain, etc. But we’re not like old trucks sitting in a field. We actually have cells in our skin that can divide. So when we get a sunburn and we kill cells in our skin, other cells can divide to replace those cells. And so the question is why do we age if we don’t have the same kind of problems as an old truck sitting in a field.

Well it turns out it was discovered in the 1960s that human cells actually can’t continue to divide up forever. They actually have a limit to how many times they can divide and I like to think of it like every time a cell divides it like takes a ride ticket, you know like a ticket off a roll of tickets for rides at the amusement park. Let’s say okay so it’s like they’re given a certain amount of tickets every time they divide, they take the ticket away and eventually they run out of tickets and the cells can no longer divide after that. And it turns out that we have now discovered that those ride tickets are actually found at the very tips of our chromosomes. And so every cell in our body is given a certain number of ride tickets and every time the cells divide it loses a ride ticket and when they get down to essentially zero ride tickets, they can’t divide any more and actually when they start to get down to just a few ride tickets they, our cells lose the ability to even do a lot of different functions. So it’s appearing that that’s now how we age and we know this from studies where we figured out how to add more ride tickets back or essentially lengthen the telomeres.

So if you think about a human is made up of cells. Our skin is made up of our cells but so is the rest of us, we are essentially mostly cells and cells are really microscopic little things when you zoom in you can see cells in the microscope and then inside the cells there’s the nuclei and inside the nuclei are found our chromosomes and at the tips the chromosomes is where these telomeres are. The chromosomes are where our genes are that gives us our hair color, eye color. all that kind of stuff. But now, the very tips of these chromosomes that the telomeres we have noticed since like the nineteen seventies that they get shorter as you age. This is because they’re losing these ride tickets as I’d mentioned. And it got so studied, people, scientists all over the world was studying so much that we started finding out that people can actually measure the length of telomeres and tell somebody how old they are. More importantly they can tell them how old, how long it will be before they die of old age. So the telomeres started becoming something that was considered really important but people weren’t really clear whether this was a result of aging or actually cause of aging and that was where I got involved.

So the telomeres are at the very tips of our chromosomes and I ended up discovering an enzyme that would lengthen them called telomerase. But simply I can talk more about it later, but simply that’s the basics of what it is. We have essentially a clock of aging that’s ticking and it’s found at the tips of all of our chromosomes and they’re called telomeres.

Great thank you, Bill and I think that’s a really great a recap for anyone who has heard of telomere biology before but also for those who have never heard of it, he was the perfect person to hear it straight from, straight from the and the man himself. Bill, anyone in the field of anti aging knows how well respected you are and that you know exactly what you’re talking about but you’re not the only person who has been proving these concepts in the scientific world. Are you able to share with others some of the proofs of concept that some of your colleagues and people around the world have also be doing to corroborate what you’re saying about telomeres being you know, … what other proofs of concept on that, Bill?

Well let’s first start with my lab when I was still working at a company called Geron Corporation. We discovered, you know, the thing was that we saw the telomere shortening in every cell the body, but except, the only exception was our reproductive cells. Our reproductive cells, when those cells divided they weren’t essentially losing ride tickets, their telomeres weren’t getting shorter.

Ah and so was during my research there with a team of scientists that we discovered that our reproductive cells produce an enzyme called telomerase and telomerase actually adds ride tickets back or lengthens telomeres. So what we did is we then started taking this telomerase enzyme and start putting it into other cells of the body like skin cells growing in a petri dish. And we were able to demonstrate that these cells not only stop losing the ride tickets or telomeres stop getting shorter, they actually got a lot longer and by every measure of, method of measurement that the cells got younger, looking at all the different genes, they are affected by that, and have been shown in lots of studies to be biomarkers of aging, we saw that all these genes reversed to being the young type of genes. And so by every, as I said method of measurement that we can imagine, the cells got younger just by lengthening the telomeres. Well that was the first I say proof of concept that telomere shortening wasn’t a result of aging, it was actually the cause of aging.

And so then scientists, including scientists working with me, well that one, just about when I was leaving Geron to start my own company, uh, they grew human skin on the back of a mouse and uh demonstrated that when they lengthen the telomeres there, the skin got younger by every method of measurement. So not only have we shown that human cells in a petri dish got younger, but even skin, uh let’s say a tissue on an another animal got younger. Now that all this work was done in uh another company. But it got even better when when people like Dr. Ron De Pinho bred mice that he could turn the telomerase gene on and off inside of all their cells and he was able to show that when he produced telomerase in the cells of really old mice, these mice got young in every way imaginable. These mice they were so old they could barely walk around. Their hair was getting, turning gray, their hair was falling out. They couldn’t reproduce, their brains were deteriorating, they couldn’t remember how to go through a maze that they used to be able to go through. Organs were getting smaller, their sense of smell was disappearing, there was a whole bunch of different things that were looked at. And when they lengthened these telomeres, these really old mice became young in every way imaginable. They could breed again, they could remember how to do things, their sense of smell came back. Their hair came back, everything looked like young and they acted like young mice in every way.

And now this has recently been repeated by another lab in Spain headed up by Dr. Maria Blasco. And I mean I’d like to be able to say that these things are available for humans right now, but they required some pretty drastic techniques of gene therapy that really we wouldn’t want to do on humans yet. But the, uh you know, hopefully in the near future we will have ways to do this that will work really effectively on humans. But those are the proof of concepts that I’ve just mentioned and I’m just looking forward to the day when we can actually treat a human and see the same kind of results.

Great you’ve actually, you answered Karen Sinclair’s questions which was whether or not this technology would be applicable for every cell in the body. And what you’ve just explained to us is that if these are affecting cells and if you’re affecting one, you’re actually affecting all of them and that when these technologies do move to humans we could have the expectation like Ron De Pinho proved with the mice that every representation of an age market biologically would be reversed is that correct? Yes, and for the moment when we’re talking about the skin cream uh we’re talking because its skin cream only because it’s actually been approved for use whereas other things eventually this this chemical that’s in the skin cream will be approved for use in other ways too, but right now it’s approved just for skin. Ok so this chemical that you mentioned in the skin cream is the furthest that your lab has gotten with technology to be reducing age in humans, TAM-818. Would you tell us a little bit about that please, Bill?

Well we’ve been, we’ve been doing this research since 1999 developing different assays high-throughput drug screening which allows us to test thousands of chemicals a day and we’ve been looking at this for a long time that we’ve we’ve tested like probably close to 400,000 different chemicals a lot of them were just random but even but many of them were intentionally designed by us to increase potency and stuff. But in let’s say 2008, 2007 probably, we discovered our very first chemical that would induce telomerase and that allowed us to, and when I say induced telomerase what I’m saying is that every cell in our body has a gene that’s designed to produce telomerase so that genes are like the the things that and I could spend an hour explaining why that is, but it turns out it’s it’s nothing harmful at all. It’s actually very healthy for us to turn it back on. And we found chemicals that would actually get in and turn that gene back on.

And so we found genes and then we found chemicals that would do this and we started designing new chemicals more and more. We first let’s say we found things that were maybe .1% as strong as what we needed in order to reverse aging. Then we found stronger stuff and then stronger stuff and we finally got to one percent, then we got to two percent and we got to five percent and then our strongest so far is, we call it C0314818 because it was a three hundred and fourteen thousand eight hundred and eighteenth chemical we tested and that that gives us about sixteen percent of the telomerase activity that we think we need to actually turn us all into 24 year olds again.

But it’s but we’re extrapolating we can see that we’re on an upward trend and we could be there within a year. But unfortunately when we, right about the time we discovered C0314818, the global financial crisis just wiped out investors’ ability to invest in our research anymore. And so it’s been a struggle ever since and we’ve been hanging in there. Oh but one of the things that we’re doing with this C0314818 is we have licensed it to Rachael’s company CLEF and they modified it further to improve safety and efficacy, etc. and they put it into the skin cream. And as a result we’re getting a royalty from the skin cream that is being used to fund our research to make more and more. So I’m, and I should qualify this point, I’m a scientist. I’m, I’m uh you know, I can do everything about science. I’m, I’m not really a marketer, that’s Rachael’s department. I will tell you that I do take, I do use One Truth 818 myself every day twice a day because I believe in the science. The science is just unbelievably great. But in terms of trying to describe more about the skin cream and stuff in the marketing and etc, I would have to turn it over to Rachael.

Yeah thanks Bill. So that’s really uh where mine and Bill’s stories connect. And just a quick little history of the C0314818 is that it actually sat in the cupboard for years so you’d think let’s probably see where it’ll go, in mind thinking well I’ve only heard about it at One Truth in the last couple of years. It got popped in the cupboard because it was just deemed way too expensive to be useful for anything. And also at 16% the scientists at Sierra Sciences figured that it wouldn’t be enough to show anything.

So the initial testing was done on human fibroblast skin cells and there was a kind of idea that this molecule would be perfect for a skin cream but at the price and at 16% it was literally just put in the cupboard. Well I was given the license for this molecule and we played around with a little bit and I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 22 years now I’ve tried everything on my face and I’m going to tell you within three weeks of using this molecule on my skin I noticed a change to the point where we decided to invest a quarter of a million dollars. I worked for the cosmetic scientists and I formulated the One Truth 818 serum. And then I sent it to Abbott Laboratories in Italy to have it independently tested which was really nerve-racking because independent means just there you have no idea what is going to come back at you. And if they’d seen something bad, can they say, hey it’s just average. They’d say you like it or lump it really.

So anyway the results that we got back were phenomenal and stunning and I proudly say that we surprised Bill and the other scientists up at Sierra because at the 16%, what they were expecting to see was nothing that you know if Katherine and I were, you know, if I were using and Katherine wasn’t, in 10 years time, I would look like I had aged a lot less than Katherine. But it was just going to be slowing down the rate of aging and that makes logical sense to us at the time. But what we were seeing was actual age reversal. And during the time it took to
formulate it and send it up to Italy to get it tested, a small research came back about telemorase preferentially lengthening the critically short telomeres.

So up until that point, most scientists were really concerned around the average length of telomeres and thought that that was the best market to go by. Well this research came out and it proved that the critically short telomeres, the amount of critically short telomeres you’ve got is much more important than the average length of your telomeres. And that when you express or induce telomerase, its going to preferentially link in those shorter ones first. So that explains why at sixteen percent we’re actually seeing age reversal which was just awesome.

So after independently testing it in Italy on a hundred people that was amazing to get those results based on real-world testing as well. I could see it really clearly and in a very academic way explain all the ingredients to people and why it works but we always ask simple questions like will it do a, will it work on pigmentation, will it lift and firm my eyelids, you know all those other questions. I didn’t really have an answer to them because I hadn’t had that one-on-one kind of capability to talk to people. So we also ran a trial in New Zealand with another 40 people as well. Now we got some great feedback from there and a lot of it you can see on the website if you could, you can see the before and the afters. What I didn’t find out is for those 140 people not one of them had a reaction to the product.

So we went to market and the first country that we actually launched in was about two and a half years ago now in Australia. I had no idea if anybody would have any reactions whatsoever to One Truth 818. It was strengthening sensitive skin and it was really great for areas of broken capillaries and a list of things, they’re great for sensitized skin. But nobody had a reaction to it. Then we’ve spread around that if anyone is having a slight kind of irritation, it’s from some of the plant ingredients in there we assume because it’s not a normal occurrence. So we got some really great feedback from that.

I just have a question here, forgive me while I read it, but it is for me. It’s from Donna Jean Sheerly and she says that she’s using her One Truth and her skin is still needing moisturizing and she’s surprised by that. Donna Jean, One Truth 818 is actually a serum so it doesn’t have any exclusive ingredients in there that are meant to stay sitting on the skin. A serum is just made to get instantly into that skin. And what we did when we took the molecule from Sierra Sciences and got a license for that, we did further medicinal chemistry on it and then we also popped into a liposome so that we would get really deep penetration into the skin of it like his own. So all of the ingredients in the serum hydrate and flex barrier in the skin and it then help deliver the molecule deeper into the skin. We don’t have ingredients there that’s meant to be left on top of your skin, so many people do find that they still need a moisturizer over top and and that’s quite normal. The other question she asked is the more you use the better it is, is that right? It isn’t yes, my self and all of the trial participants that you’ll see on the website use it twice a day and we get those results twice a day. But if you’re going to be using it more often you will be inducing telomerase more often and you will see even faster results. So if you’re getting married in three days time, start lathering it on every 10 minutes. But other than that twice a day should be, should be just fine.

Now I mentioned how great it was to have people using it who we could interact with and learn more from when it came to a marriage of this amazing science into a commercial product. And to that end I’d like to ask some questions of my great friend Katherine Kennard who about a year ago when we had Bill come to New Zealand and we had a day full of media and I thought, gosh how am I going to be interviewed and host it at the same time. So I asked my beautiful friend, actress Katherine Kennard, to come along and do that for us. So she heard the science from Bill, I think about seven times that day and very patiently absorbed it all in. And then we spoke afterwards and she said that I’d really, really like to be involved. The science is amazing and it ticked a lot of other boxes for Katherine as well too. So Katherine, can you just, talking about your skin, you’re sitting there looking absolutely stunning as always, you’re probably asked by so many companies to represent their products, to endorse them, to be part of them, what made you say yes to One Truth?

Well when you’re asked to endorse any product, for me it’s about, it’s about about the owners of the product obviously, where it’s coming from, the integrity behind the product to me is the most important thing. So I mean just look at Rachael’s face and Bill, you’re looking amazing. You know, I mean for me the proof is in the pudding you’ve got to if somebody’s asking me to endorse a skin product and and I’m looking, I just look at their skin and go okay well if you have been using it for a while now and you know that’s telling me everything. And looking at Rachael and her husband Chris and that was my first like well something’s gotta be, gotta be good in this product. You know fake ads. And so and then of course then it’s about putting it, using it on my own skin and trying it for a while and and just to see because I’ve had enough of my own skin issues throughout my life and I’m my skin’s the first to react to anything that it doesn’t like, whether it’s organic or not or you know natural or not.

And so that was of course the non reaction which you were talking about earlier, Rachael. For me it was like a number, you know a clear sign that we’re on to a good thing as well. Obviously this thing to Bill, all that time, on that day that we met, and yeah I mean the science behind it makes, makes total sense to me. And yeah I mean it’s when you listen you’re like it’s kind of hard to initially to believe it but then then but then it is believable and it is it clearly is true because it clearly is making a difference and so I’m, I hundred percent believe in science, you know. And that’s important but it’s not just, it’s not just 818 as well, it’s the blend of what’s in the serum, it’s not just that it has this the anti-aging it’s also how it feels on skin and all the other beautiful ingredients inside of it. And of course there’s no animal testing which is very is a big thing for me and yes I mean I am supportive of of natural as much as possible natural products and I think this is, what is that, ninety-five percent above, more than 95 percent natural so yeah I mean there has to be a lot of boxes that get ticked for me to endorse something. And so that’s why all these boxes got ticked with this product.

Now Katherine you mentioned that you had some sensitivities so what you, what has your experience of using One Truth 818 serum been?

Well yes I mean over the last, in my twenties and thirties, I actually had terrible skin and acne, I had rashes and I was working the film industry. So it was, it was a very delicate issue for me and having to go on screen and my skin not being good, you know, back in the nineties film wasn’t HD, right. So you could get away with covering with fairly heavy makeup. But now because everything’s in HD you can’t get away with anything that the less makeup you wear the better. Yes so your skin just has to be, you know, and the pressure to have good skin of course it’s got worse and worse. So yes I had terrible, I had bad skin when I was younger and into, I thought you’d grow out of it, but I didn’t, that was, I was close to my forties and things were just starting to settle down a little bit for me. I spent thousands of dollars on products, high-end products and down to light, very natural, make it in your own home products you know, just to see what worked, you know what will work for me, and really really struggled. I
spent so much money it’s ridiculous.

But what I found straight away with One Truth is it was like drinking a glass of water though and it still feels like after one year every time I put it on Monday night it’s like I’m drinking my water. There’s nothing, I don’t feel sensitive at all and usually you can feel after a while you’ll start getting a reaction and especially around the eyes for me. It’s probably, what’s amazing about this product is that I don’t have to have an eye serum, I don’t have to have all these different things that as long as I got that and yes a little bit of moisturizer on top
if needed depending on the, depending on the time of the year obviously. This is what’s amazing and my eyes especially give it away when it comes to sensitivity, my eyes would always show the little reactions you know. And this is where it’s like yeah, this product’s just amazing.

Cool, thank you. And look just on that note, because obviously you know Katherine’s not the only person who’s, you know, had the real world experience of it, but I just want to backtrack slightly to the Italian independent testing that we had done and simply because it affects something, everything that Katherine has been saying as well as the science that Bill has said. And we went above and beyond you may have heard me mention that we had a hundred volunteers now when you’re flicking through your fashion magazines, you actually read the little fine print on the bottom as I do of course, these percentages that these massive skincare companies are painting around when you look at the little disclaimer down the bottom it will say something like a 14 day trial on ten or more women and the claims they have been making are: this makes my skin feel smoother. It’s all emotion, none of it is measurable or tangible. So the test that we had done because I didn’t want anybody to be able to dispute the evidence that we were going to be providing are all they were performed by doctors and the clinical, and they’re all measured and you can find those on our website. We don’t try to hide any of our proving evidence because we are a very proud of it and we stand behind it. So if you want to see more of their evidence especially that are from one of those anti aging businesses that I spoke about before, this is going to be the point of difference for you for One Truth is that you can present all of their clinical information. We can show the measured amount that we have reduced wrinkles and induced collagen, bio elastin as well as all those before and after shots. So do make sure that you have a look at those.

And thank you Katherine for sharing your story. Katherine and I have been friends for over 20 years now and I remember those days where you know, Katherine was just on screen filming every single day and it’s, it’s heartbreaking when you feel you’re tuning up and you’re not looking good because the public face is a huge part of what you do. And being in the beauty industry for a very long time myself and I used to have skin issues as well, the fact that I turn up to work and I was performing skin treatments all day and my skin was looking a lot worse for wear and no good lighting in the world can hide that when your client is this far from you, you know. So it is devastating for us as well when we have these skin issues. The confidence that you can have from being able to prove their skin is enormous so thank you for sharing that with us as well Katherine.

And now I’m going to jump to a few of the questions that we had pre posted before the webinar. One of them here is this is from Bedroom Breathy and this is for you, Bill. It says, could it be applied to improve sports performance? You’re an ultrarunner, one of the potentials and limitations of the human body to perform.

Well there’s actually no studies have been done officially yet, but I personally have seen tremendous improvement in my ultra marathon running when I first started taking faux telomerase inducers. The… so One Truth 818 is going to be working on the skin but there’s a weaker things, natural products that are probably like three
hundred times weaker than One Truth 818 that you can get nowadays that are supplements you can swallow. And when I first started taking those I saw my performance in fifty mile races and hundred mile races which in would be like a hundred, eighty kilometers to a hundred and sixty kilometer races improved tremendously. I, you know, I’ve typically always been the back of the pack runner, I was glad to just finish these long-distance races. But suddenly right after within three weeks after I started taking telomerase inducers to lengthen telomeres or at least lengthen the shortest ones, I started seeing my performance get so well, great that I started finishing in the top ten, top ten percent sometimes the top 10 overall in my age group. And I’m 64 years old now and I am still slaughtering all the 50 year olds and many of the 40 year olds in many of my races. So I do believe that it’s helping a lot, but we don’t have any real data on it because there really isn’t a lot of strong telomerase inducers available on the market yet they actually start doing a study I can tell you in reverse is also true. It turns out that endurance exercise actually helps keep your telomeres long. So endurance exercise and taking in telomerase inducers is going to be working a double weight, going to give you twice the benefits. So yeah I do believe that that is going to help with sports but we don’t have data to support it yet.

Great. Hey, I have a couple questions and more questions here too but just at this point to you folks who are listening to us and you do have a question, please just below the video of us just pop your question in there and I’ll do our best to get to it for you. Another one for you, Bill, from Sample. What would the scientific breakthroughs nec- what are the scientific breakthroughs necessary, I beg your pardon, to move
down the path towards human immortality?

Huh, you know I’m, I think the most of scientists in my field know exactly what to do. It’s not the breakthroughs that we need, it’s the funding that we need and that’s one of the reasons I’m so glad to see that One Truth 818 is providing funding to our research whenever anybody buys a bottle, a certain amount of royalty from that goes directly to our research. But it’s, what we need to do is research to develop a stronger telomerase inducers and if I was to graph our progress from the beginning, from like nineteen ninety nine to two thousand eight when the global financial crisis hit you can see a pretty linear line of getting stronger and stronger telomerase inducers and I predict that we would be, something, have something potent enough to actually start showing overall age reversal. So not just seeing your skin look younger and your hair getting better color but you start looking and
feeling young in every way imaginable. I think we’re one to three years away from that. And it really isn’t a question of any discoveries as much as it is doing getting the funding to do the work that we know we need to do. And you know we’re not the only ones working on trying to cure the aging process and some other people have some great ideas too which I think will be, you know I think like the telomeres would probably cover everything but other people are working on other things too and I they just need the funding too, so it’s pretty much just funding.

Ok, I’m just reading on the quick pop up here from Leslie. Thank you Leslie. Says, we used telomerase 818 in combination with ___ which stimulate cell production. In this case is this rapid cellular reproduction increasing the shortening of the telomeres beyond the capacity of TAM 818 to extend telomere life? Did you want to take that one, Bill?

Well I could say I don’t know the answer to that, again, because we haven’t actually done that study. We could do that study but again funding is the limitation. So all we’d have to do is grow skin cells in a petri dish in the absence or presence of epidermal growth factor and in the presence or absence of TAM 818 to actually answer that question. But I personally think that if epidermal growth factor is something that actually helps make cells least appear younger I think people should still do it even if the telomeres are getting shorter because I think we’re only talking of one to three years away from having something that would be able to undo anything that might be, that might happen from having short telomeres. So, you know, I always say what’s the point of living a long time if you’re not living? So if there’s something you’re doing that makes you feel good or look good but it actually is accelerating your telomere shortening, do it anyway and we’ll have a fix for it soon. Rachael.

Thanks, Bill. And actually, to Leslie, cause I get asked that a lot of times on very specific treatment, you know, what do you think about, you know, chemical peels, what do you think about microdermabrasion, all these things that are actually the whole purpose is to increase cell turnover. And you know in a nutshell what we’ve learned from Bill is that cell division equals aging and so if you’re speeding up their cell division you’re actually speeding up aging. But I mimic what Bill is saying is that if it’s making you look good and it’s making you feel better about yourself, you know Katherine and I spoke about that connection between how you look and how you feel, then I would never tell you to stop performing those treatments or suggest that people stop doing them. But what I would say is as an insurance policy you absolutely must be inducing their telomerase topically in those cells so that you can be making sure that you balance it out. You know telomerase and cell division is a tug-of-war and if you’re just having them shorten and shorten and shorten and not going back the other way then you probably will
regret it in 10 or 15 years time. But there is the product now and which wasn’t available before which can help with the tug of war and pull it back the other way. So if you want to be doing those kinds of treatments I just say you absolutely one hundred percent must be balancing it with a telomerase inducer and One Truth 818 is the very strongest in the world.

There’s actually only one kind of product on the market that sees that they can induce telomerase topically and a local published data shows that One Truth 818 is 300 to 800 times stronger than that. So please be recommending to all of your clients and to yourself and to be using your One Truth 818 serum if you’re doing all of those procedures.

Charlene Miller says that she just wants to be rubbing One Truth all over her body but she can’t quite afford to do that. And there’s a funny question I do get asked when I’m presenting this sometimes, you know, and people would say I was doing my face and it felt great so obviously now I come down to my neck and now I’m doing my decolletage and everything is firming and lifting and so I looked a little bit lower and thought, can I keep going, you know, where do I stop?

Now the fact that One Truth is a prestige price at the moment, I can’t say that that’s not going to change to be honest. Just to give you an idea when we started it was made with a 50 gram sample and it costs half a million US dollars. That’s why it got put in the cupboard and deemed way too expensive. Now luckily for us the intricacy of the TAM 818 molecule is so strong that we don’t need to be putting a hundred grams of it into each bottle of skin cream. You know the efficacy that you get from it doesn’t need that much. So we’re actually kind of lucky that it’s
on a commercial scale whatsoever considering how expensive it is. We may be working on a body cream, there was another question posted earlier saying what other products can I be expected to see this in.

I can tell you I have been given stability results on a professional use only gel, so that’s for your institutions, your therapist, your place expected to be using after treatment to help induce that telomerase and heal, speed up the healing process which inducing telomerase has been proven to do. We also have a spritz which will be coming on the market for the next few months and it’s completely oil free. We know that there are a lot of people who want to be doing anti aging treatments but you still have quite oily skin. Now the serum is a really oil rich formula. It’s full of phospholipids, macadamia oil, jojoba oil. Don’t get me wrong it’s like silk, it just sinks straight into your skin but it is a very oil rich formula and for some people that is too strong so we’re gonna be having that spritz come out. So for people who want to keep the oil off the skin and for those One Truth junkies out there, you can spritz and then you can use your serum over top as well, so we’ve got it all covered. So those are the products that you can look forward to seeing come soon.

Now excuse me, I’m just going to quickly… we are answering all of these questions live. Could the application of TAM 818 directly onto the scalp help encourage hair growth? And that’s from Dan. We haven’t done any study in this. Bill, would you know the answer to that?

Well I have heard, I have heard, I’m getting an echo. I said I have heard that some people taking some of the supplements have seen hair growth come back. Some of those weaker supplements and but I think it’s it’s going to be dependent largely on why you are losing hair. if you’re losing hair like, like a male pattern baldness is typically caused by a gene on the X chromosome. And so if, if you’re a man and your mother’s father was bald, there’s a good chance that you inherited the gene to also be bald. I think that that’s unlikely that telomere, lengthening telomere is going to prevent that kind of baldness or grow or reverse that kind of baldness. But there’s other things that cause baldness and if it’s if it’s related to short telomeres and I would anticipate yeah no data yet this is no studies have been done but absolutely I would expect to see that hair would come back, but I think each person has to test it out on themselves unless they know exactly why they’re bald already. But if they don’t know, you know try it because if if their bald because the skin cells in their hair, their hair follicle cells had short telomeres then there’s a good chance that they can bring their hair back I would imagine, I can’t say that for certain.

Cool and what I can say to that too is when we first heard the TAM 818 we were playing with the formulations with old friends and we were asking them to rub the serum on their, on their heads for us. But it was so difficult to kind of measure any response there. They weren’t really consistent on how they used it, and there was actually no hair there and they have gone bald quite young. So as Bill was saying it may not be age related at all. But in terms of a product to use because nobody wants to be putting it, rubbing a serum in to the roots of their hair, when the oil free spiritz comes out that would be a great product to use to simply be parting your hair where it’s thinning and be spraying that on because it’s gonna be a lot more pleasing to use than rubbing, rubbing a serum into the roots of your hair.

I have another question here. Can 818 be ingested? Now we don’t know the answer to that question I’m gonna see if Bill wants to add anything more. But I do have a very funny little anecdote, I was having a meeting with someone a couple months ago, a doctor in America, not Bill. And he said, “By the way, you know your product tastes awful.” I said, “Um I’m sorry what product?”, thinking he had confused me for someone who had an ingestible product. He goes, “your serum, it tastes really bad but I’ve been trying it anyway.” I was quite surprised by that, but Bill, what are your thoughts about ingesting TAM 818 in the future there?

Well as you said we have not tested that for ingestion yet and we would have to do a lot of safety studies and stuff like that first. But it’s you know it… right now, huh we don’t know. But I would imagine that if it does survive the stomach and get into the blood it would offer tremendous benefits. But again I do not recommend anybody try that. Don’t, especially when it’s in the serum because it might actually make you quite sick. But it is, right now its designed to work on skin and I have heard that there are studies being done, maybe Rachael could validate that. There’s talks about doing studies to see if it can be ingested. So there’s talk of doing clinical studies
but I don’t think they’re underway yet. Rachael, are they underway yet?

Well, well kind of. So when Bill phrased that question to me it’s because Chase Life Extension Foundation as we mentioned tested the license for TAM 818 and we’re really pledged ourselves in a partnership with Sierra Sciences to take over the commercialization of TAM 818 at any marketing of it. So yes of course, we’re really interested to see if TAM 818 could be the beginning of an oral supplement, which cures aging in an entire body. So we’ve been very very early stages of that. You can hear this hot off the press just two days ago we took some controlled blood to the Auckland University to have that tested and they’re currently seeing if their machinery and equipment can detect TAM 818 inside the bloodstream. But like I said this is really very very early days, but we would like to think that TAM 818 is proving to induce telomerase in a human body and the blood that within the next two to three years we’ll be able to have and make for a product which has the exact same thing as TAM 818 and that strength as well because currently as Bill mentioned the natural telomerase inducers are very very mild and nowhere near 16-percent. So my company Chase Life Extension Foundation in conjunction with Sierra Sciences is looking to do that and it’s very very exciting. So stay posted we of course will let you know if we have any further developments there. But that really is the way that this technology is going.

Hey I have another question here, thank you for all the questions everybody, from Ena in Melbourne, how does One Truth work on diminishing hyperpigmentation? Ena I can’t explain the pathways it takes to do that because we simply haven’t been able to look at that in depth, but what we do know is that it does work. And my easiest way of explaining that is when you are using One Truth 818 topically it induces telomerase in the cells because it does get into the cells. You express telomerase and your cell becomes younger. Now if you’re getting a younger skin, a younger skin doesn’t scar like an older skin, it doesn’t express melanin like an older skin, it does express collagen and elastin it makes more hyaluronic acid. So by making yourself younger, there’s something more your skin is getting. So you’re literally are just reducing and undoing all of that pigmentation, and that’s a big thing that we saw through the clinical medical trials in Italy and also right in front of our very eyes in the New Zealand trials.

And obviously we get a lot of feedback from people all over the world to be using One Truth who had really
diminished their pigmentation. Interestingly sometimes it’s hormonal pigmentation as well, particularly chloasma caused predominantly by women having babies, it’s hormonal. So in my eyes there was really no reason for that to be reversed by making the cells younger because if you hadn’t had a baby you wouldn’t have that pigmentation. That wasn’t particularly age-related so the way to explain it I think it’s just that your cell is behaving like a younger cell which wouldn’t have expressed that melanin, would you agree with that, Bill?

I’ve got absolutely no experience in that whatsoever but what you just described sounds like exactly what I would have speculated, we will, we’ll find out. I actually hadn’t heard until just now that it actually does work on hyperpigmentation. Yeah very, very well and you know, it’s often it’s to do with the sun, it’s to do with hormones and One Truth 818 is reversing that pigmentation as well. And then that’s my speculation of why it works. I can’t say that in a scientific sense because we haven’t followed that chemical pathway to find that exact why, for reducing pigmentation but it definitely is.

Thank you from Ike Chronroguess, when you get a result of sixteen percent, is this number in contrast to the natural rate of aging and is the number concentration dependent?

Ok so that, it’s a question for me?

Yes sorry about the misunderstanding. Next part of the question, they also asked if it’s different substances have different biological pathways inducing telomerase.

I can answer all three of those questions. Ok, so as Rachael responded earlier, referred to earlier telomere shortening and lengthening is like a tug-of-war. And if you imagine you’ve got a thousand people pulling to shorten, to cause the telomeres get shorter, and you balance that with 16 people pulling it to get longer, you’re actually still having telomere shortening because the people pulling are losing the tug of war but at least they’re slowing down those sixteen percent , those 100 people. So you got 16 pulling to lengthen and 100 pulling to shorten, you’re still losing but you’re losing it a shorter rate. We’ve done a lot of studies using gene
therapy to be able to quantitate how much telomerase is needed to actually cause the tug of war to be a tie. And so we call that so when we find it a drug or let’s say if we find a drug or natural product that induced that much telomerase we’d give that score, we’d give that chemical score of 100. So that means the tug of war is a tie. So it’s not not so much relative to aging as much it is to how much telomerase are reproducing relative to how much is needed to cause that tug of war to be a tie. And so we’re at sixteen percent.

The second part of that question was is it concentration-dependent. It is concentration-dependent but when we say sixteen percent that’s the maximum. Okay so every drug whenever you test any kind of drug in any kind of assay you’ll find when you graph it you’ll find that it increases linearly and then starts to level off and then you actually find it to drop. Ok that’s true, that’s a dose curve you find for every kind of chemical you ever tested in any kind of assay. So what we do when we look at this dose curve we find out where it starts to level off. And in the case of, so we find what kind, what kind of dose causes that, and it let it, with the TAM 818 or C0314818 it levels off at about sixteen percent of the height that we’d like it to be and it doesn’t get any higher when you go to higher concentration. So the amount that’s in the One Truth 818 is actually just a little bit higher than that. So using more of it isn’t probably going to give you higher telomerase activity. Using it more often might keep that telomerase activity at the high levels that it is. So I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t try to start putting a lot of it on, I think Rachael said that in jest earlier, but using it more often might has a, could have a chance of actually keeping the telomerase levels high.

For the last part of the question essentially is, ok so we have, as I mentioned we had tested over 400,000 different chemicals and our strongest one was C0314818. But we found nine hundred other different chemicals too and we imagine that they do work by different pathways. We could take the 900 chemicals and we could find just looking at their structure that they represent 37 different families of chemicals. And so we have these nine hundred all worked into these 37 count families. One of the things that we’d like to do is we’d like to try mixing them to see if they actually will give us a synergistic activity or like even additive activity, although again that’s a super expensive experiment to do and we have to wait for the funding to come in. But yeah, we do hope that that’s
the case in which case we can get a lot of higher levels of telomerase activity in One Truth 818, but then it would probably called One Truth 818 and 1079 so it would have a different name, but it would, we just have to see, we won’t know until we try. Ok. This is all brand new science, everybody’s got to be aware of that. Anybody using One Truth 818 is on the cusp of absolutely brand new science and so you’re actually participating in a study when you do it because we want to hear from everybody how well it’s working. Alright thanks. Rachael.

Yeah and the great thing is too, you know for my little old company down here in New Zealand, the Land of the Hobbits as everyone likes to call us, the studies that that we could mesh into the latest are the most extensive studies in a ton of topical telomerase induction ever, you know. So it’s really great that we’ve done that and that is in our product and that’s what One Truth 818 is. What Bill was saying before leads into micro drug is this question, which is have we tried phytosome technology to increase the score of herbal extracts and its complexation with phospholipids.

Now like the liposomal delivery system that we actually use for the TAM 818 that we modified from the C0341818 is actually a phospholipid base so it’s interesting that you should ask that question. We didn’t find that it increased the sixteen percent score but it definitely was the same score but with a better delivery system doubly. It’s really hard to test what the score is once it gets into a real human being. I mean Bill has access to skin cells in a petri dish, but once it actually inside the dermis, there aren’t many people who want to have their faces hole punched to then donate those skin punctures to someone to be doing any test with them.

And as Bill mentioned too it’s very, very expensive to do that, do that kind of thing. We rather work, doing the testing that we have done, we do create revenue and income on One Truth 818, it goes straight to Bill for research into further anti-aging. So whether or not we decide to backtrack a little bit and keep on testing more on the skin or whether Bill drives forward and heads to making those stronger telomerase inducers, that’s probably the way we’re going to go. Just to keep on looking for the strongest telomerase inducers like we mentioned before, eventually leading to what will be a cure for aging for humans.

Now I’ve got it looks like we may have been able to serve all of those questions now which is fantastic but I have one more question which I’ve saved for the last. I had, Bill”s talked about funding, I’ve talked about the, giving you a bit of an insight into the test that my company’s about to do with Bill as well, but Lisa Morgan says how far away are you from finding a way to reverse aging, Bill.

It’s again, I did address it a little bit, it’s more funding than it is time. If the global financial crisis of 2008 hadn’t hit we’d already see Betty White walking out onstage looking 24 years old again, in my opinion. But the global financial crisis has shut down research not just mine, but everybody I know because research is actually quite expensive. So when we get the funding that we need to actually continue our research at the level we were doing before two thousand eight I would say it, we’re one two three years away from doing that.

And I want to caution that I don’t believe that it is going to be the only thing that needs to be done but I do believe that lengthening or find a way to lengthen telomeres is something that absolutely has to be done because there’s no question about the fact in the scientific literature that that telomere shortening does limit the lifespan of our cells and therefore us. And so if we can find a way to overcome that, that will allow us to possibly live longer. I don’t know how long, I wouldn’t be surprised if we live to be a hundred and fifty, 250, I don’t know. But you know it’s, but I do believe that we are going to run into other obstacles like oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction that are also going to be affecting us at a probably slower rate than the telomeres do but we have to solve those problems too. And so I just think that you know if I can get another 30 years added to my life just from telomeres and that’s going to give me another 30 years that try to figure out how to solve some of those other problems. So we might be trying to figure out ways of actually lengthen lifespan in chunks moving forward and forward but as long as we can move at a faster rate than we’re aging we should be able to stay ahead of that curve and all of us to be able to live very long and healthy lives beginning in about one year after we get the funding and I’m looking forward to One Truth 818 sales providing us that funding.

Yeah and just on it Bill, you know, on a on a business level and a personal level I’m so proud to give, and we make it very public, we give forty percent of our revenue, that’s not profit but of our revenue from the sales of One Truth straight back to Sierra Sciences to go toward the research for the cure for aging.

So let me just say at this point if you would like to be stocking One Truth in your anti-aging skin care clinic or medical facility and and be helping to advance this movement towards curing aging and all age-related diseases if you’d like to say good bye to all of them, there is a big button on the screen, a big purple button that says Learn How Here. So we would love it if you would want to join the handful of stockists that we already have in Australia. Click the Learn How Here button and all over the world but I know predominantly there are many Australians of this call today and we’ll put you through. We’ve got a great offer to all of you business owners who are listening today and the offer is actually for area exclusivity. Now if you sign with us today we can guarantee you
that you’ll be the only stockist in your area to have One Truth 818 serum with Dr. Bill Andrews’ TAM 818 technology. So big purple button says Learn How Here.

At this point I would really like to thank everybody for joining us on this call. We love the questions because the interest in the science is so phenomenal. As Bill explained perfectly, if you are involved with telomere biology and with One Truth 818, you are at the forefront of groundbreaking science and I congratulate you for being interested enough in your profession and into your lives to be here to hear about this. So thank you very very much to Dr. Bill Andrews for your knowledge and your participation today we really appreciate that.

And also a big thank you to my dear friend Katherine Kennard using One Truth 818 for being here to share your story with us today and also for sharing your beautiful face with us, when it comes to putting 818 out there on the map.

My pleasure absolutely.

Thank you now for those of you who are wanting more you had many emails from the One Truth 818 Australia team, you’ve got their contact details and their phone number, so feel free to contact them.

If there are any more questions they actually will file them through personally to myself or Bill. So we’re always open and available to talk through to you. If there’s one thing I know about Bill, he loves nothing more than talking about telomere biology, is that right?

Yes that’s right. In fact I love answering questions so don’t hesitate to send me any and all questions.

Alright, thank you. So thank you once again everyone for joining us and we look forward to the next time. Everyone have a great day. Bye.

Bye bye.

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