Anti Aging Serum Review by Gwen

After years of not caring for her skin, Gwen’s age was finally starting to show. With deep wrinkles, dull skin tone, fine lines and sagging skin Gwen needed help. OneTruth818 Serum has taken at least 10 years of her face and has restored Gwen’s confidence.

Here’s what Gwen had to say on the OneTruth Anti Aging Serum.

The first week when I was trying OneTruth818 Serum, it was really lovely. My skin felt really soft but I wasn’t quite sure because I don’t usually use a lot of products.

I just mainly use a wash on my face, perhaps a soap. I didn’t usually use a toner or anything but I did find with this product, it was just lovely. I felt really lovely and soft on my skin.

After about a month, I found my skin firmed up. Also, the color of my skin wasn’t so grey anymore – it livened up a lot more.

I love the container of this product because it gives you a precise amount when you pump it into the hand, just enough needed for my face.  I’m happy and really surprised about my results!

I also found that as I am older and have gone through menopause, I tend to get the odd one or two hard Bruce Lee hairs on their chin. I found that these had softened significantly after using the OneTruth818 Anti Aging Serum.



Before And After Results OneTruth818




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