Hear What Customers are Saying

“I started using the cream about six months ago and it was very moisturising.

“I felt it really absorbing into my skin. My skin felt a lot smoother and overall the feeling of my skin was a lot better.

“After sometime, I started to notice around here (the eye area) became a lot firmer. And also, across  my forehead as well.”

“Towards the end of me using the cream,  I started to get comments from my colleagues about the pigmentation and rosacea on my skin, on my cheeks and my chin, around my nose. I noticed my rosacea and pigmentation had completely gone as well.

“I feel the area around my eyes and just overall the tone of my skin has improved since trying OneTruth818.”

About The Author

Katherine Baltazar

I am a media reporter writing for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industry. I've been writing and covering salons, beauty products and hair treatments for the pace 5 years.