Bridgit Price, Atone Lifestyle Salon, Melbourne – One Truth 818 Distributor

Bridgit Price of Atone Lifestyle Salon in Melbourne talks about her experience as a distributor of the One Truth 818 serum.

Brigit, you’re a retailer of One Truth?

And a user of One Truth?


How’s it been going?

Fantastic, it’s walking off the shelf. It’s amazing.

And why people keep, why do people keep buying it?

Because of the way it makes the skin feel and the visible results they’re getting.

So you’re selling lots of it as a retail?

Yeah, absolutely it’s not hard to sell particularly cause it can be used as an eye cream, neck and face cream. It’s not hard to sell, it’s not a high priced product in the world of beauty. And what it claims, it’s the only product that claims to do what it does. There’s no other product around that claims those claims and its delivering so it’s not hard to sell.

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