Can telomere-end shortening be reversed or slowed down by a healthy diet and exercise after the age of 33?

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No telomeres cannot be lengthened in anyway that has been proven in humans to have any great effect as yet apart from topical serums.

There may be some telomerase active compounds and molecules that lengthen telomeres a little.

As I understand it the figures you need to get a telomeres to lengthen enough to keep you at the age you are the effectiveness is 100%. Currently the strongest telomerase inducing molecule TAM-818 is only 16% of that. And that is only allowed to be used topically at the moment. Other products like T65 and product B, which are investable, both do get a showing on the charts that show Telomerase inducing, but they are only small. (I do take Product B because even a little can help!).

Eating a healthy diet – basically a whole food none animal diet and exercise will slow down the telomere shortening. In her new book Dr Eliabeth Blackburn talks about the way your telomeres “listen” to what you are doing to yourself and sending them a message of good diet, exercise and low stress gets your telomere to shorten slower.

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