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Chase Life Extension Foundation (CLEF) was founded by Rachael D’Aguiar, the formulator of One Truth 818 Serum. Her New Zealand company’s philosophy is to bring anti aging products to market that actually work, and are supported with irrefutable, clinical evidence. With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry; from owning her own salon, to mentoring other beauty businesses, and being a member of the New Zealand Beauty Association, D’Aguiar has seen it all when it comes to anti aging skin care products, solutions and treatments.

As a qualified beauty therapist she has always been interested in the makeup of cosmetic chemistry and understands what consumers are searching for in the beauty industry and the anti aging, skincare market.

D’Aguiar wanted to produce a skin care product containing compounds which reversed the signs of aging on an individuals skin. So, when the opportunity, to work with renowned telomere biologist, Dr. Andrews presented itself, D’Aguiar secured the global rights to the world’s most powerful, anti aging compound, TAM-818 and the two became a unit.

In 2013 Sierra Sciences licensed the use of the active ingredient; TAM-818 and along with Dr. Andrews and his research team at Sierra Sciences – D’Aguiar and the team were successful in formulating an anti aging, skin care product labeled, One Truth 818. An anti aging serum – the very first of its kind. The only skin serum in the world to contain the TAM 818 molecule.

After having a hand in the design and formulation of the One Truth 818 Serum, D’Aguiar explains just how unique One Truth 818 Serum is compared to any other anti aging serum or cream she has ever seen in the anti aging, skincare market before.

“TAM-818 is reversing ageing. So we are not synthesising collagen to provide more collagen topically to make your skin look better. We are not doing anything which can be deemed cosmetic just for a better visual look.It is actually reversing the age of that cell and making your skin younger,” D’Aguiar says.

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