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After a total of $33 million was injected into the research expedition of the TAM 818 Molecule project, the team at Sierra Sciences finally hit the jackpot in 2009 – finally coming one step closer in their quest to solving the cure to human aging.

During his quest for eternal youth, Dr. Andrews and his research team at Sierra Sciences invested in hundreds of thousands of libraries and chemical compounds, in the hope of finding one compound, which would activate telomerase in human cells.

In 2009 the team hit the jackpot when they discovered an active molecule called; TAM-818 – ‘TAM,’ for Telomerase Activating Molecule. It was the 314,818th molecule screened at Sierra Sciences.

“We identified a molecule which was three hundred times more powerful than anything else so far discovered in its ability to activate that Telomerase enzyme. And our work has proven that Telomerase not only slow down the shortening process of Telomeres, it lengthens them again.

“Telomeres are the ‘end part’ of our chromosomes – a long, repetitive sequence of DNA in our genome, so long that it can be stained and seen under a microscope.

Every time our cells divide, our telomeres get a little shorter, and every time they shorten, our cells age. That’s the central cause of aging. Telomerase works by filling the “gap” left by DNA replication. Hence slowing or even stopping the aging process of the cell. Finding things that induce production of telomerase inside our cells is exactly what my research is all about,” Dr. Andrews says.

After contributing $500,000 for 50 grams of this active molecule, the lender proposed TAM- 818, be invested in an anti aging skincare product. While consideration and discussion, regarding the development of a skin care product, had taken place with his sister, Rachael D’Aguiar; a beauty expert with a rich knowledge of cosmetic chemistry – the idea was initially dismissed by scientists, who saw the project scheme as overpriced – meaning, investment funding fell through.

During a regular Friday meeting at Sierra Sciences, the capability of the molecule TAM-818 was once again put on the table and intensely investigated. During this meeting, it was revealed the efficacy of this active molecule TAM 818, is so remarkably strong, only a small quantity is needed to achieve groundbreaking results.

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