Dr Bill Andrews PHD to present at upcoming RAADfest 2017

Dr Bill Andrews RAADfest 2017 Speaker

Dr Bill Andrews PHD the inventor of Tam-818 the active ingredient within OneTruth818 Antiaging Skin Serum is to present at upcoming RAADfest 2017.

Last year at RAADfest 2016 Dr Bill Andrews presented to a full house and to rapturous applause.  This year’s presentation will focus on “Extending telomeres to reverse the clock of aging and declining health” and will be co-present with “patient zero” Elizabeth Parrish of BioVia USA.

Here’s the Presentation Summary

Lengthening of telomeres using the enzyme telomerase is a protocol that has demonstrated age reversal in experimental models. Longer telomeres not only increased the energy in old mice, but also restored their ability to breed, restored their brain function, revitalized their internal organs, and made them look and behave young again.

Elizabeth Parrish and Bill Andrews will be discussing their joint venture, called BioViva Fiji, to use gene therapy to make this technology of telomere lengthening possible for humans in the very near future.

Elizabeth Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva USA. She is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and innovator, and a leading voice for genetic cures for aging. Recently she became patient zero in the highly publicized first gene therapy effort to reverse aging.

Bill Andrews, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of Sierra Sciences. His scientific background for 35 years in the biotech industry has led to many medical breakthroughs including the discovery of human telomerase. His career for the last 17 years has focused specifically on finding ways to extend human lifespan and health span through the intervention of telomere shortening.

Full Details of Dr Bill Andrews RAASfest 2017 presentation can be seen here.