Dr Bill Andrews with Kochie on Sunrise Channel 7 About Curing Aging

Dr Bill Andrews with Kochie on Sunrise Channel 7 About Curing Aging

Watch the interview of Dr Bill Andrews with Kochie on Sunrise Channel 7 About Curing Aging and learn more about the scientific breakthrough for anti-aging.

Now that technology and advances in medicine happening faster than ever before but this next discovery could change the way we live particularly old Kochies like me forever, just in the nick of time. You’re alright, you’re still spritely. You’re, I’m just trying think of the word. You’re about to meet a doctor who says a cure for aging is possible and scientists are closer to this reality than you think.

I dont want to grow up. You want to stay little forever? Yes I do.

From a young age we’re told a harsh reality we’re going to get old and die. And I don’t want to die when I’m a hundred. But what if we could stop aging and live forever? We’re not talking about vampires. This isn’t a fantasy but a medical discovery that could change the world.

It has to do with telomeres. They’re like caps at the end of chromosomes like shoelace caps. Over time they begin to shorten and this is how we age. But Australian Nobel Prize winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered the chemical called telomerase which activates the end of chromosomes and halts the aging process. I wouldn’t be surprised if people end up living to be a thousand or at least 150.

At Eleven Nevada, Dr. Bill Andrews is testing hundreds of thousands of chemicals to figure out how we can use this research to create an anti-aging drug. It’s more about living healthier than it is longer. It’s the goal is to, is to make it so that we are dancing, playing tennis, having the time of our lives when we’re a hundred and fifty years old and over. And molecular biologist Dr. Bill Andrews joins us now from Reno Nevada. Good morning to you. Now this theory,good morning, has already been tested on mice and human skin. What have doctors been able to achieve so far?

Well that’s right now it’s pretty much the mouse studies and the human skin studies showing that actually lengthening the telomeres appears to make human cells younger and healthier in every way.Yeah now it’s important to understand here you say you could live to a hundred and fifty but still be active cause we’d all say, oh, we don’t want to be decrepit in bed for 40 years.

You’re saying it’s not just living longer, it’s living an active life longer.

Yes it’s actually more important. What’s the point of living a long time if we’re not living? Yeah. It’s more important that we extend our health span and most people die from age-related diseases now not aging itself. But what we are doing is showing data evidence that we’re going to be reversing both of them. We’re going to reverse declining health and we’re going to reverse the appearance and other qualities of aging.

So how long are you saying we could live a healthy life in the future?

Well I don’t really know. I just say I wouldn’t be surprised if people live to be a thousand years old but it’s like the science is brand-new and we’re still learning as we go. So we have to come up with something that will actually end up lengthening the telomeres, all the telomeres. Right now things we have are maybe lengthening the shortest telomeres. We got to lengthen all the telomeres and find out what happens and but all the data suggests that we should see a a big extension of life span, even if it’s only 40 years. At least that gives me 40 years to look for whatever the next thing is that’s knocking us off.

Yeah. Try figure out how to solve that problem. But we’ll run out of room might we? Sort of overpopulation. Yeah, how will we feed everybody? How do you feed us? Also will my superannuation run out? All that sort of stuff.

Yeah I think the biggest concern that I could see is that how would the young ever get jobs if the old people never get old and retire. But I do believe that if like I say a hundred years from now we do have a cure for aging and these problems exist and somebody cites that let’s have an election to vote on banning the cure for aging, people are going to say no, the cure for aging is good. We have problems, now we’re going to have problems in the future. But if we can cure aging, it’s just amazing the number of people that are living today in homes where they can’t take care of themselves, they’re miserable, and this problem is only going to get worse. We got a silver tsunami coming where the baby boomers are now getting old, right now it’s like twenty-five to thirty percent of the population is going to need somebody to take care of them.

But if you’re not cultural ready, would this new technology even make you younger or extend your life or is it just for youngsters like Sam?

No the predictions are and the data strongly suggest this is that somebody like 80 years old is going to suddenly look young again. What I’m looking forward to is getting somebody like Betty White to walk out onstage and look 24 years old again.

Yeah so I can Benjamin Button like that. In Hollywood, it’s no wonder she doesn’t. It’s called plastic surgery. Sometimes in television, it’s amazing. Alright Bill, well look it’s… I don’t think we have a Benjamin Button situation. Okay. Alright. Alright. Fascinating, ever so slightly scary. You were very interested in that segment. Oh yes very interested, very interested.

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