Fake It – Don’t Bake It!

Okay, we admit it. This is the time of year where aestheticians freak out! During the winter months, we can usually keep it together. But now… Not so much.

Everywhere we look we see women and men sizziling  their skin out in the sun in the name of looking good.

And it doesn’t matter what we say or what statistics we quote, some people still have the urge to bake like a potato out in the sun.

That’s why we’re simply going to answer the two skin questions we hear the most during the summer months.

What are these brown spots on my skin? And, how do I get rid of them?

These spots go by various common names, age spots, liver spots, sunspots and more. The main root of age spots is caused by overexposing our skin to the sun. The ultraviolet light causes overstimulation of melanocyte cells, which tend to lump together and then appear as nasty, dark age spots on our skins surface.

During the summer we tend to see an increase in the number of age spots appearing on our skin due to being outdoors and not protecting our skin from its ultraviolet rays. The more dark spots you see, the more evidence this is of sun damage to the skin’s surface.

So, what can you do? Start by keeping your skin protected from the sun by introducing a sunscreen to your daily skincare routine.

Using a sunscreen which has a high Sun Protection Factor will help reduce the spreading of age spots on our skin.

SPF’s in sunscreen help measure how well a sunscreen will protect our skin from the sun. According to Cancer Council Australia, a sun screen with no less than a SPF 30 or above should be applied everyday for best sun protection results.

Also, protect yourself by wearing a hat and a long cotton shirt, with selves; to cover the shoulders and back, can also help maximise protection for our skin during the summer months.

Remember, with continued over exposure to the sun, age spots will continue reappear.

Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and most importantly keep cool and our of the sun if not protected by a high coverage sun screen.

About The Author

Katherine Baltazar

I am a media reporter writing for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industry. I've been writing and covering salons, beauty products and hair treatments for the pace 5 years.