Frequently Asked Questions

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are structures at the end of our chromosomes that shorten every time a human cell divides. The length of an individual’s telomeres is closely associated with their biological age, and research suggests that control of telomere length has the potential to treat many diseases associated with ageing, and possibly to allow humans to live at a physiologically “young” age beyond the current theoretical maximum human lifespan of 125 years.

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Why We Age And How Telomeres Work

Why We Age And How Telomeres Work

What is Telomerase?

Telomerase is the enzyme which, when ‘switched on’ in our body, will not only stop Telomeres from shortening, but re-lengthen them as well.

In 1998, a team at Geron Corporation led by Dr. Bill Andrews, added the gene for telomerase to normal human cells by use of a plasmid, and using these cells, created a line of telomerase-positive cells. They found that cells from this line were able to divide indefinitely, without entering replicative senescence as an unmodified cell culture would. This demonstrated that normal human cell lines could be made immortal.

What is TAM-818?

Dr Bill Andrews’ company Sierra Sciences invested $33 millions of dollars over nearly 20 years screening close to 300,000 synthetic compounds in their search for the strongest Telomerase inducers. Of all the compounds tested, researchers found 898 Telomerase inducers, of which Telomerase Activating Molecule TAM-818 was found to be the most effective.

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Scientific Testing on Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 - Part 1

Scientific Testing on Anti Aging Serum One Truth 818 - Part 1

What is One Truth Serum with TAM-818?

In 2013, Sierra Sciences licensed New Zealand company Chase Life Extension Foundation (CLEF) to begin production of a skin serum, the first (and only) skin serum in the world to contain the active ingredient TAM-818.

In 2014, CLEF engaged globally-recognised biotechnology laboratories Abich Labs in Italy to conduct extensive Clinical Tests on 100 volunteers using the new One Truth 818 serum with TAM-818. The results of that rigorous testing were outstanding, amazing even Dr. Andrews himself.

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Where can I buy One Truth with TAM-818?

One Truth Serum with TAM-818 can be purchased here.