How to Reduce Your Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Along with work deadlines, you find yourself squeezing in numerous engagement parties, wedding celebrations and what about the Christmas shopping list?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work you may need to do before you actually have some time off during the holiday season. So, what can you do to stress less? Here are some key pointers which will help you feel less of a stress ball in no time.

1). Eat Well

Eating well is the start to feeling and looking your best. If you’re feeling under the pump try to avoid greasy, fat foods which are loaded with high levels of salt. Foods containing high levels of salt can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), often meaning the kidneys are being overworked.

Foods such as blueberries, asparagus, avocado, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and dark chocolate can actually help reduce the level of stress in your system and can help take the stain away from the kidneys.

Low levels of folic acid have been linked to depression, and the foods listed above are packed with folic acid.They are also a valuable source of vitamin B, which helps improve and produce healthy nerves and brain cells – nutrients essential to keeping a healthy mind.

2). Drink Water

Research shows not drinking enough water and being dehydrated can actually increases the levels of the stress hormone; cortisol in the human body. Stress and dehydration often go hand in hand and have very similar responses; fatigue, nausea, increased heart rate. By remembering to drink plenty of water – you won’t necessarily eliminate the feeling of stress, however you will reduce the severity of the feeling.

3). Get Outdoors

Surrounding yourself with nature and getting outdoors can be very beneficial when you’re are feeling stressed or anxious. Getting some sunlight will not only help boost your vitamin D levels but will also raise your energy levels, helping reduce stress and tension in your body – also helping improve your overall mood.

4). Take it Easy On the Booze

During the holidays most people are ready to sit back and wind down with a glass of wine with family and friends. While an occasional glass is considered OK – experts recommend to keep alcohol consumption to a low if you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious.

While having a few too many might lift your spirits during the moment, the day after you drink, can be a different story. Over drinking causes our body to experience the effect of alcohol’s depressant – meaning, our body experiences a drop in sugar levels – making us feel anxious and nervous the following day.

5). Rest Up

Getting a good nights rest is vital to recharging our batteries and allowing our body and mind to rest.

Before going to sleep, drink a cup of Camomile tea. Camomile has long been hailed for its calming effect. Camomile releases Glycine into the body’s bloodstream which helps calms fiery emotions and acts as a natural sedative for relaxation – perfect, for if you’re struggling to get to sleep on time.

Also, remember to give yourself a break from electronics like your mobile and television at least two hours before bed time. Try taking a soothing bath with some lavender oil instead. Lavender oil is known to draw out toxins and lower stress-related hormones along with helping balance PH levels in the body. A perfect way to wind down before bedtime.

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