How To Use One Truth 818 Anti Aging Serum

Rachael on how to use One Truth 818 Anti Aging Serum

Rachael answers your questions on how to use the One Truth 818 serum.

I get a lot of questions on how to use One Truth. I just bet that some of you out there think it’s more difficult than it is. Now I don’t want to down sell my product but if I was to call it a one-hit wonder, it wouldn’t be too far from the truth. It’s better than any eye cream I’ve ever used. It’s really hydrating, it stops transepidermal water loss which in plain english just means your skin leaking off the moisture that it’s got. It helps with sensitivity. It’s just gorgeous to use.

So it’s got a really light, silky, velvety texture to it. So when you put it on, it just sinks straight into the skin. Now this is really interesting because it’s quite an oil-rich formula. So at the base that I’ve got the TAM 818 in which is the world’s most effective telomerase activator of course. There’s jojobo oils, macadamia esters, phospholipids, sunflower oils. The oils are really beautiful and we’ve use the most refined part of that so it just, I don’t know if you could even see that, it’s just gone straight in there. Now it glides on and so if you want to put makeup over it, it glides on as well. If you have a drier skin and you want to layer your moisturizer over top it, it just layers right over, you’re not going to get that greasy slide off your face kind of feeling.

So how I use mine is after I have cleaned my face, I will spritz with my One Truth 818 spritz because I’m a 818 junkie, you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. And then I put my my serum and I actually put it over my entire face.

So one of the things that I was really adamant about when I was formulating it this is that I didn’t want it to sting eyes or feel funny over the lips because this is anti-aging of course we want to put it everywhere. So feel free to go right over that eye area, it’s not going to sting and it’s absolutely fine for the eye area.

I don’t have a very dry skin so what I do is during the day I put my makeup over and that gives me enough protection or my sun protection if I need to do that. And then at nighttime is when I lay in my moisturizer over top and that just helps me get the extra protection there that I’m working at.

So it’s very very easy to use and honestly it’s that simple. There’s nothing that I can tell you that I’m hiding from you in terms of using it. The bottle is a 50 ml bottle. So a lot of people are tricked to think that it’s a moisturizer because it’s so because serums typically are like 15 mls. What we’ve done is just given you really fantastic value, but a lot of people feel alarmed as they sometimes have to use a moisturizer over top. Don’t be, it is a serum. Now the difference is that a serum is made to go straight into your skin and I want that eight one eight to go straight into your skin I don’t want it sitting on the surface. So I have it formulated it to have a film to sit on the surface of your skin and protect it. I’ve formulated it with the liposomal delivery system to get straight in there.

So if you need to put moisturizer over top which I would say most women over the age of 40, about 80% of women do from the research and the feedback that we’ve got, put the moisturizer over top, it’s good for your skin to be doing that don’t be alarmed that you have to. So it’s very, very easy, easy to use. Now I do use it twice a day as I mentioned. If you’re looking at our before and after shots, the volunteers in Italy, the before and after shots from the New Zealand trial, all of our volunteers used it twice a day as well, so in the morning and in the night.

So if you want to be getting the results that you’re seeing on our websites, on our videos, and in our photographs, I want you to use One Truth in the morning and in the evening and you will not regret it. Take your own before and after shots so that you can see the difference that it’s going to make for your skin.

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