How To Use One Truth 818 Serum

With all the testimonials you’ve seen from women who have used the One Truth 818 serum, we’re sure you’d like to try some too, and here’s how:

How do you get the same results as the people that you see here? Its easy.

I’m Rachael D’Aguiar, Director of One Truth. And I’m here to tell you how.

One Truth 818 serum has a silky lightweight formula that glides easily onto your skin. It also contains hydrating ingredients that help moisturize your skin. a bit more than the average serum. Because of this most people find that they don’t need to use a moisturizer as well. They simply replace their moisturizer with One Truth 818 Serum.

The second that you apply One Truth 818 serum to your skin you’ll find a silky smooth texture. which is perfect for applying your makeup straight on top of. After cleansing take one or two pumps of One Truth 818 serum and apply it to your face and neck area.

One Truth 818 serum is safe to use on your eye area too. And it’s more effective than any eye cream ever created. So feel free to ditch your old eye cream too.

Use your serum you once in the morning and once in the evening to get the same results like the people on this website here have got.

Hey and just for fun why don’t you take some before and after shots too? So you can see what a difference One Truth 818 serum makes for you. I look forward to seeing your transformations.

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