Is Stress Shortening Your Telomeres?

Earth is just a rock floating in an infinite space, right. Strangely enough, everything on this ball of mud is connected not just physically, but also socially. Water wars, fighting over scarce resources, failing economies, and tyranny are joining the world in one big social drama that has a profound impact on our emotional state.

In an ironic evolutionary twist, nature has decided to give us, Homo sapiens, “mirror neurons” to ensure the survival of the species. These mirror neurons make your brain experience what is happening to other humans as it was going on to you. You laugh when you see people laughing; you feel pain when you see people crying. Emotions are contagious. Just notice how strangers react when you smile to them, or how talking with a loved one feels like you are on the same page. Mothers communicate their emotions to their babies that also affect the baby’s stress levels.

How does all of that affect our body and its cells? What is communicated to our cells? How does that influence us on the cellular level? We are living, and we observe what is going around us in the world, locally and internationally. Terrorist attacks in London, hundreds of thousands Syrian refugees flooding neighboring countries, violence, snakebites, murder, natural disasters, rate cuts, whenever you turn, and bad news is everywhere.

Your cells are silently watching, silently suffering from the entire emotional trauma.

Scientists (like molecular biologist Dr Bill Andrews PhD) have been studying, for decades, a cellular mechanism that in some way controls how we age: telomeres. These mechanisms are there to protect our genes from wear and tear, they are found at the ends of chromosomes. Similar to the plastic cap on a bottle of water. Long telomeres allow the cell to recharge itself endlessly, but when they get short, the cell starves and dies. As we age, telomeres shorten, cells crash and fail to divide then we become exposed to other age-related diseases. The elderly are not the only people defenseless under the heavy burden of aging, young people who have short telomeres are also vulnerable even to a common cold.

Shrinking telomeres

However, aging is not the only cause of shrinking telomeres. Stress levels is a major factor that comes into play. Against all our wishes, telomeres are sensitive to the surrounding environment even though the same could not be said about other genes within the chromosomes. Acute and prolonged psychological stress makes you age faster than your biological age should be. Do you have any doubt that social factors can decrease or increase the strength and length of telomeres, depending on context? Happy marriages, fruitful social relationships, education, and even the neighborhood you are living in, could allow your telomeres to stay healthy. On the other hand, fanaticism, dogmatism, and hatred could be stealing years from your life. To sum things up, telomeres cannot grow under stress.

We are living in a dark social climate, which is a fertile ground for fear to grow and thrive. Even ignoring what is going on with the outside world, we seem not to be able to control our social, financial, or business life. There is no shortage of human suffering around the world; the good news is that you can do something about it, which we will talk about in a moment. An estimated 230,000 Australians receive support for some psycho-social illnesses, including bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. We are unknowingly, absorbing all that information and it is affecting us on the deepest of levels.

Classic genetics

In addition, not just that, but contrary to what is believed in classic genetics. Telomere science seems to point out that pregnant women who went through a tremendous amount of stress could pass the shortened telomeres to the offspring. Making the coming generation more exposed to aging diseases at early ages. On the bright side, there is something you can do to protect your telomeres from stress such as adjusting what you eat, getting quality sleep, exercise, meditation, and most importantly, relearning how to respond to stressful situations. One Truth Anti-Aging Serum helps you treat the physical signs of stress on your skin.

We will survive together, but only if we join our efforts for a better world. Not as in the hippie world peace, or utopia, but we can at least work together to reduce suffering in the world drastically. Science cannot yet explain the invisible connection between all human beings on earth. Evolution made sure that our species survive, and science is promising a bright future too.

It is not about your favorite political party or ideology. It is about core human values that influence all of us. You can control your emotional state in your work, relationship, and family life and by doing that you can protect yourself from stress and live longer. Now, are you feeding your telomeres with negativity? Are you infecting everyone around you with stress? Are you aware? Start by yourself, be positive towards yourself first and let the positivity loop occur spontaneously.

Remember your telomeres whenever you sense a stressful situation is coming up, today, tomorrow, or any given day for the rest of the year!

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