Is Your Skin Lacking Elastane?

Elastin like collagen, is a crucial protein produced in the skins dermis (the center layer), allowing the skin to keep its shape and bounce back after being stretched. Elastin provides these elastic tissues with the ability to stretch and recoil – playing a critical role in supporting and maintaining healthy cells. The more elasticity in the skin, the more healthy and youthful the skin cells appear to be.

A good indicator of measuring elastin in the skin is the ‘pinching test.’ Using your index finger and thumb, pinch the skin, on the top part of your hand. A good sign of high levels of elastin in the skin, is the skin bouncing back almost instantly after being pinched.

Lower levels of elastin can be found in damaged and/or older aged skin, with the bounce effect not as rapid – presenting a more delayed reaction in the skins ability to hold its shape, after being stretched and pinched.

The protein tropoelastin is the fundamental building component of all elastin in the dermis. The amount of elastin in the skin usually peaks in adolescence and early adulthood and declines thereafter. Fibroblasts in older skin have a reduced capacity to produce new elastin, making the skin more prone to harmful, everyday factors.

As we age, lower levels of elastin in the skin’s dermis are recorded. As a result, damage to the skin such as; burns; sun damage; or, simply aging – cannot be efficiently repaired and the skin gradually loses its elasticity. Elastin loss leads to decreases in the flexibility, strength and healing ability of skin; eventually leading to thin, sagging and easily injured and/or bruised skin results.

One way to help rebuild collagen and elastin, in the skin is by using products that contain antioxidants, such as jojoba esters, macadamia emollients, sunflower and lecithin. Products containing these ingredients help boost anti-aging agents, allowing the skin to produce a healthy levels of elastin. Additionally, these antioxidants help fight oxidative stress and stimulate cell production – helping reveal firmer, younger–looking skin.

Clinical trials at the Abrich Labs, out of Italy, produced remarkable results when over 100 healthy volunteers (aged between 36 to 65 years old) were tested to evaluate a product’s anti-wrinkle efficacy and its capability in improving the skin elasticity and firmness.

The results showed after 30 days of using One Truth 818 Serum, there was a 14.0 percent decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, a 20.33 percent increase in the appearance of firmness and a 8.33 percent increase in the enhancement of skins elasticity on volunteers overall skin appearance.

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