Is Your Skin The Same Age As You?


Is Your Skin The Same Age As You?No woman wants to look her age. And certainly no woman wants to look older than her age, but sometimes it happens.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Of course genetics is a major influence, but even so, you can combat those pesky genes your ancestors gave you.

How? It all starts with pH. We’re not going to get technical, we promise. So here’s the bottom line. When the pH of your skin is faulty it can create premature aging. That means your face can feel tight and dry, like you never cleaned it, or worse, you develop acne.

Either way, your skin is too alkaline. That means:

• – It can be drier and more brittle
• – Your skin is more susceptible to sun damage because the barrier has been weakened
• – You develop more fine lines and crow’s feet (British Journal of Dermatology)
• – Your skin can become oilier

When skin is too alkaline, it takes 14 hours for it to return to normal. Unfortunately, you’ve already re-applied the offending products so the damage never gets repaired.

What can you do? Use the 1Truth818 anti aging serum.

This is the real deal. It has been proven in extensive laboratory testing to significantly slow down the shortening of our telomeres. Telomeres are the caps on the end of our chromosomes, and as we age, our telomeres shorten. Eventually, our chromosomes can no longer replicate themselves.

However, the human body can produce an enzyme called Telomerase. It’s this enzyme that can slow down, even stop completely, the shortening of our telomeres. But it needs help to be activated.

And that’s where TAM-818 comes in. TAM-818 is the strongest Telomerase Inducing Molecule so far discovered by science. And One Truth 818 is the only skin serum in the world to contain TAM-818.

Now there’s no need to look your age or older.

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