One Truth 818 at RAADFEST 2017

After a successful inaugural event, RAAD Fest (Revolution Against Aging & Death Festival) will return to San Diego, CA, on August 9th for five days of inspiring talks and seminars from the innovators in the field of life extension.

Billed as the largest event ever for life extension enthusiasts, it will allow visitors to:

  • Gain vital insights into the science of anti-aging and life extension
  • Connect with other life extension enthusiasts
  • Interact with leaders in the field

Visitors will hear from leading scientists, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders addressing every aspect of radical life extension, from new gene therapies to the power of personal intention, the sociology of immortality and advancement in artificial intelligence. Visitors will also gain insights into nutrition and fitness, how to strengthen your immortal mindset, ageless sexuality and financial planning for forever.

Dr. Bill Andrews at RAADFEST 2017

Among the speakers will be Dr. Bill Andrews, CEO of Sierra Sciences, who first discovered and recognized the potential of the telomerase-inducing molecule —TAM-818 – the heart of One Truth 818 skin serum.

Dr. Andrews spoke at the inaugural event, and his talk on the life-extending properties of TAM-818 was so well received they invited him back again this year. You can view an interview with Dr. Andrews from RAADFEST 2016, here.

Rachael D’Aguiar-Sanders at RAADFEST 2017

Also returning to speak at the second annual RAADFEST is Rachael D’Aguiar -Sanders, Owner of the Chase Life Extension Foundation. Her company worked with Dr. Andrews and eventually licensed the molecule that would come to be known as TAM-818. By harnessing the power of the world’s strongest telomerase activating molecule, Rachael was quick to put it to use by developing One Truth 818, a truly anti-aging skin serum.

Rachael will be returning to share the science of telomere biology to the masses and the growing potential for topical telomere inducers.

You can view Rachael’s talk from RAADFEST 2016 here.

Rachael and Dr. Andrews are also both members of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, who endeavour to promote awareness of the stunning work being undertaken in the field of life extension, often at great cost, by many of the speakers at RAADFEST 2017 and the wider scientific community.

Attending RAADFEST 2017

If you are thinking of joining the 2000 expected attendees in San Diego this August, you can find more information on how to register, as well as links to book your accommodation at the RAADFEST 2017 website.