Our Skincare Product Isn’t A Couch Potato

Our Skincare Product Isn't A Couch PotatoNope, and it never will be. Over-the-counter products often boast of having ingredients like vitamins A and C, ceramides and peptides. But they rarely talk about the delivery system for those ingredients.

Think of it this way. What good is it to have a powerful racecar if you don’t have a skilled driver? You can boast of your racecar’s powerful engine and sleek design, but without the driver’s expertise, the car is nothing more than a showpiece.

The same is true for skincare. There are thousands of skincare rejuvenation products on the market. If they all worked as well as they claimed, we would all have the skin of a teenager!

Our product is not only active, meaning it has been proven to improve the signs of aging, but it has a highly effective delivery system as well. If you want younger, smoother skin, you have to have both.

We’re serious about skincare. That’s why we back it up with science.

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Katherine Baltazar

I am a media reporter writing for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industry. I've been writing and covering salons, beauty products and hair treatments for the pace 5 years.