RAAD Fest 2017 – The time for action is now

RAAD Fest 2017 - The time for action is now

Why now? Why put up RAADfest? 

Max More. CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, best explains why we should take action now, why RAADfest needs to happen.

We’re at a unique turning point in terms of the plausibility of radical life extension.


It’s not a new idea. Taoists were interested thousands of years ago. 19th Century Russian philosophers talked about physical immortality. Books written in the 1950’s and 60’s predicting it would happen. But only now is the science starting to look solid. So this is a critical time for people to come together to learn what is happening now and to understand how they can make a difference both in their own lives and in the culture at large.


This is the purpose of RAAD Fest (www.raadfest.com), the largest radical life extension event ever.


It’s not enough to just talk about possibilities. We need to take all possible actions, including improving diet, exercise, and adopting a positive-and-practical attitude. And we need to influence public opinion to drive more research investment in radical life extension. Action now can be the difference between living and dying. 


The idea that lifespans are not fixed is being taken seriously by serious people. But we need to bring together the diverse groups involved in radical life extension to have greater impact on public policy. We still spend ludicrous amounts of money on end-of-life care, which is basically extending misery and suffering, when we could be spending it on research that would prevent people from getting in that situation in the first place.


We can’t afford to have a passive mentality in which we agree in principle, but don’t do anything about it. The stakes are too high. We need to come together to celebrate life and to inspire people to take more steps to live healthier lives now, and to take constructive action in society. There’s so much that needs to be done. We need to push for changes in public policy, in corporate research funding, and in personal attitudes and cultural beliefs.


Having this large gathering of people at RAAD Fest, and all of us helping to publicize it, makes us more real in people’s minds. Big events create buzz. Scientific conferences are important. But combining good science with the celebration of life can energize the transhumanist and radical life extension communities, and help spread the word.

Don’t miss this historic event. Learn more and register at www.raadfest.com.

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