RAADfest 2017 – The “Woodstock of radical life extension” is bigger and better than ever

RAADfest 2017 - The "Woodstock of radical life extension" is bigger and better than ever

RAADfest 2017 to Feature World-Class Innovators on Super Longevity

Building on the success of the inaugural RAADfest last year, RAADfest 2017 will be even bigger, more inspiring, and more informative on the very latest developments in super longevity and physical immortality. RAADfest combines cutting edge science presented for a lay audience, with the energy, entertainment and fun of a festival, and the empowerment of personal development, making it the largest most comprehensive and inclusive radical life extension event in the world. RAAD stand for Revolution Against Aging and Death.

RAADfest 2017 will feature a world-class lineup of presenters, including Dr. Mike West, CEO of BioTime Inc, a leader in applying developmental biology to age-related degenerative disease; Dr. Michael Rose, a top scientist in physical immortality and human evolution; Suzanne Somers, actor, author and longevity activist; and over 30 other scientists, futurists, visionaries and thought leaders in the field.

In addition to cutting edge information, RAADfest will provide inspiration and celebration in the form of live entertainment, parties, and shared meals offering ample time to connect and enjoy. This element of community building is what makes RAADfest so welcoming to a broad audience of radical life extension enthusiasts, advocates and entrepreneurs. Nearly one thousand people attended last year, and RAADfest 2017 is on course to double that number.

RAADfest is being put on by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension. “We’re galvanizing the radical life extension community by gathering people together to learn, connect and grow, and have a great time doing it,” says Coalition President, James Strole. “Last year proved that RAADfest is needed and appreciated. This year we are taking it to the next level with an additional day of activities, new speakers and updated information.”

RAADfest will be held August 9 – 13 in San Diego, California, providing the information and empowerment people need to make the best possible choices for creating their unlimited future.

For more information and to register, go to: www.raadfest.com.

RAADfest 2017 to Feature World-Class Innovators on Super Longevity Original Content from RAADfest 2017

The “Woodstock of radical life extension” is bigger and better than ever

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