Rachael’s OneTruth818 Talk

Hear what Rachael D’Aguiar has to say about the One Truth Serum and how this anti aging product came about.

Thank you Bill. So as Bill said, I have licensed TAM 818 from Sierra Sciences and we formulated that into a skincare. So you’ve seen the science behind it. For a lot of you was that the first time that you’ve heard about telomeres and telomerase and how they work? Is it? So your brain is already kind of, yeah, feeling it right now. So what happens when you actually put TAM-818 into a skin cream? As Bill said, you know we’re getting amazing results.

Basically, I mean you only have to get that TAM-818 inside the cell. That’s all you have to do for it to start inducing telomerase within that cell. So what we’ve done is we’ve liposomed it, encapsulated it, put it into a really great delivery system. You apply it on your skin just like a regular skin cream and that TAM-818 get straight into the skin cells and starts producing telomerase. And we know what happens when you produce telomerase it means that your telomeres get long again.

So we were really curious and sort of surprised all the scientists and Bill himself at Sierra Sciences when they did all the testing on TAM-818. If you’ve got a photographic memory, you’ll remember that TAM-818 had a score of sixteen percent. So nobody was expecting to see a traversal with that. You know, literally like the logic was ok well if everybody starts using the One Truth 818 serum now or if I used it and none of you did in ten years time I’d still look like this and you guys wouldn’t. But you wouldn’t actually see anything happening.

So when we started doing trials and before we invested like a quarter-of-a-million dollars into the tasting and the formula and all that kind of stuff, we literally got the TAM-818 in water, sprayed it on ourselves; me, my husband, my mother, we’re all there spraying the stuff all over us to go, well what’s going to happen? And with three weeks of spritzing this stuff on me, I started noticing some wrinkle change which was really interesting. I’ve been in the beauty industry for about twenty years so I’ve tried everything.

But what what was really interesting is, you know, there’s nothing, if you know anything about the beauty industry at the moment and you’re really into anti-aging, you know, aesthetically, what do you do when you want to look younger. Well you exfoliate your skin. People have been doing that for years, so what do they do next? They exfoliate it more, they exfoliate it harder and longer. They melt more skin off. You know, it’s getting to a point where you can’t melt more skin. It’s not gonna work.

So then people have changed to paralyzing their face, you know. And you know if anybody here does have Botox, I apologize I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek. But I don’t think that anybody chooses to paralyze their face. Everybody wants to look good and they might feel that that’s the only option they’ve got. But you know I had enlist, write down this quote the other day and I thought this is gonna haunt me but I was like keep those faces moving, you know? But everybody wants to look young as well, so what do we do? We can’t melt more, we can’t blast more, we can’t paralyzed more. Something had to happen that was actually going to work to get to the cause of aging and not just more popular mess that it was making.

So anyways as I was saying, we pop this on, it was sixteen percent. So you know, we were seeing differences in wrinkles and we kind of didn’t really have an explanation for that. So it was enough for us to invest and getting some independent testing done up in Asden, Estley at Abbott Laboratories. Here we go. So we seem to have, actually we had it tested and these are the results that came back. And I tell you what, we were opening that envelope, because we had no idea what the results are going to be that was completely independent of us. We used a hundred volunteers which is unheard of in the cosmetics industry. If any of you read the fine print on your cosmetic magazines and maybe you do or I do now, you know, it’ll say things like, a two-week trial done on ten women and they felt they looked better. How did they, how do you quantify that? You know, they just felt they look better. Yes, yes, felt they looked better, that was it.

So you know, we’re going in against those bigwigs and we thought we don’t want anyone to discredit us and we had a hundred volunteers and we had doctors running it in a medical clinical facility and these are the results that came back. So you know Bill and his team were like, well, wow. That wasn’t what we were expecting to see. And since their abilities probably told you I’m sorry I arrived late but that research has shown that even if you are affecting the shortest, critically short telomeres that you may and we have seen some age reversal. Even if the longest ones are still getting shorter, the critically short ones are the ones you have to worry about. So the telomerase inducers making them longer, then you will get a difference, and boy are we seeing a difference.

So that’s why at 16%, we are seeing age reversal on the skin. You don’t have to believe what I say, I’ll show you what I’m saying. So in Italy they did trials over 30 days. So you can see day zero, day 15 and day 30. Now never in my life have I come across a skincare product that will do this. But then again, there is no skin care product in the world that has TAM-818 in it other than One Truth. There is someone else for with a telomerase inducer. I’ll show you in a second, but it’s very, very weak. I’ll show you the image in just one second. Here’s another one and by the way if you, it’s so smart nowadays isn’t it, you just take photos of what you like. The website TAM818.com has all of the research, all of the reports, all of the papers, and loads more before-and-after shots if you’re interested in having a look. Pretty cool though, huh?

This is from our New Zealand trials so I got back these reports and they were phenomenal, but they were just a book or several books and I couldn’t talk to those books. So we ran a trial in New Zealand over two months so I can actually talk to people because they were saying how long does the serum last, is it going to work on my pigmentation, is it gonna actually… I just don’t know. And that’s why we’re doing this. I need to work with you so you can, you can tell me.

So this is Shelly from the post office, our local post office and this was after two months of use. Going there and she was getting, she was getting married about eight months after this. So she continued using it, she was absolutely thrilled with it. But when we first saw this one and this is my neighbor’s mom, Trudy. And we were like, “Oh God, what’s happening here?” And we’ve gone, “oh, Trudy’s lost weight, it must be.” You know, that’s got to be the explanation for this. This was the first sort of one that we’ve seen like this. And then, we said, no hang on a second. When you lose weight, things get more wobbly. You know, they don’t, they don’t tighten up. And then we started seeing more of this particular on people’s necks and eyelids. Eyelid lifting so you can actually see more of the eye through there and it’s the production of elastin that’s happening again. And Abbott Laboratories mentioned it too, that firmness that they’re talking about, it’s the elastin that’s starting to be produced again. So this wasn’t an unrelated, you know, but it was the first one we thought, what’s happening here, tried to explain it away, until several of the models head shots like that as well. You can see pigment and sensitivity that it was working on as well.

So when I first began this foray instead of formulating One Truth 818 with a cosmetic scientist, I was like yeah, and then we’ll do an eye cream and we’ll do a pigment cream and we’ll do all these things we don’t actually need to. Because just like the diseases that Bill’s talking about they all have the same, you know, it’s the same cause. And we found like with the One Truth 818 it is helping to use a therapist with in Australia we launched they are curing rosacea and sensitivity issues, pigmentation.

The person who came with the big machinery for our New Zealand trials said to me, do you know what Rachel, this has gotten rid of pigment better than the laser treatments in my clinic. She used to do laser treatments for pigmentation and she stopped. She said because people keep being disappointed so we stopped promising any kind of hyperpigmentation at all. And we were having models with pigmentation disappearing. So that was really impressive as well.

Final ones as you can see here, this is Michelle an old tutor of mine. And you can just see all those fine lines, it was completely gone. And these these models only used One Truth 818 for 2 months. You know, so when you actually have science behind a product you get results. So I did say like nothing else does what TAM-818 does. There’s one other company that does have a skincare product out with the telomerase activator in it. And there are a lot of companies we found some we didn’t expect people coming and saying I think that the product I used has a telomerase inducer in it. And we’re like, no it doesn’t, it actually doesn’t. But there is one company that does and we know that because Bill knows of them. If it’s got telomerase, Bill knows. And they have published data on the strength of their product. So Bill was able to do a comparison and it’s 80 to 300 times weaker than One Truth 818. So if anybody does say there is another product, you can go yes there is one other product and rather than buying 80 bottles of that or three hundred bottles of that, I think I might just get one bottle of One Truth.

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