TAM-818 Isn’t The End Game

With the truth finally out … it’s no secret the One Truth Team has received endless coverage on various media platforms since the discovery of the TAM 818 molecule and the launch of the One Truth 818 Serum.

Along with Dr. Andrews and the team at Sierra Sciences, Rachael D’Aguiar has also been recognised for attracting media attention – attending various antiaging seminars and hosting business appearances, since the success of launching the One Truth 818 Serum. In the link below, watch Rachael D’Aguiar shows you how to correctly apply One Truth 818 Serum for instant life-changing results!

TAM-818 isn’t the end game for Dr. Andrews and his team at Sierra Sciences, it is just the beginning – with the molecular biologist revealing, revenue from the products sales is being used to support further research at Sierra Sciences.

“TAM-818 and other compounds we’re developing will form the basis of a whole new range of medicines to fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and other diseases common to the aging process,”

Dr. Andrews says. Dr. Andrews research and discoveries can be found showcased in a documentary film, The Immoralist. Dubbed as “brilliantly bizarre, endearingly quaint, and fascinating documentary,” by the Huffington Post, the film nearly won the scientist an Oscar – being chosen as the Top 100 Best Feature Oscar Documentaries films of the year.

With his company, Sierra Sciences business motto being, Cure Dying or Die trying, it seems this scientist will stop at no cost, to truly finding the solution which will keep mankind living on forever.

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