The role of telomeres in the ageing of human skin

“Telomerase is also active in certain somatic cells such as those in the epidermis but is almost undetectable in the dermis. Increasing evidence indicates that telomerase plays a significant role in maintenance of skin function and proliferation.”

That’s an extract from a paper on experimental dermatology published by the University of Iowa – that was more than 7 years ago, and the effects of the enzyme telomerase on the length of skin cell teomeres has been known for a lot longer than that. It’s that very knowledge that led molecular biologist Dr Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences to spend millions of dollars finding a new compound that would accelerate the body’s ability to naturally produce telomerase – and led to the discovery of the Telomerase Activating Molecule 818 or TAM818, the secret key ingredient in the One Truth 818 skin serum.

TAM818 is by far the strongest telomerase activator yet known to science.

The report by mircobiologist Aloysius J. Klingelhutz back in 2011 said:

“Telomeres in skin cells may be particularly susceptible to accelerated shortening because of both proliferation and DNA‐damaging agents such as reactive oxygen species. Skin might present an accessible tissue for manipulation of telomerase activity and telomere length with the potential of ameliorating skin diseases associated with ageing.”

He reports that “It has been proposed that telomere shortening acts as a mitotic clock to prevent unregulated cell proliferation such as occurs in cancer. This mechanism of cancer prevention, however, is believed to come at a cost. Accumulating evidence indicates that telomere‐mediated replicative senescence can lead to ageing.”


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