The Women Behind the Serum

Rachael D’Aguiar has come a long way and is today recognised as one of New Zealand’s most respected beauty industry experts, who was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Pandora Next Woman of the Year Awards.

D’Aguiar’s entrepreneurial achievements in the global anti aging community, set her aside from the competition and distinguish her as one of the leading experts in the field of Life Extension.

D’Aguiar is also a women of generosity, who gives back to the community, with forty percent of her company’s revenue (CLEF) helping eradicate age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, macular degeneration and altogether poor health in a person’s twilight years.

In August 2016, D’Aguiar was the only non-American invited to take part, as a panel moderator at the Inaugral RAAD Fest in San Diego, speaking to an audience of 1000 guests on the topic of Life Extension. She is now a member of the advisory panel and plans to present the results of her current clinical trial being conducted in conjunction with the University of Auckland at next year’s event.

The Revolution Against Aging & Death Festival (RAAD Fest) is deemed as the world’s largest gathering of ‘Life Extension’ and anti aging enthusiasts ever with over 2000 people expected to attend. Speakers such as trusted health authority Dr. Joseph Mercola, Director of Engineering at Google Ray Kurzweil and award winning molecular biologist Dr. Bill Andrews are among some of the draw-cards of the festival.

Rachael D’Aguiar’s unique expertise in how producing telomerase in the skin through topical application is creating amazing age reversal is why RAAD Festival invited D’Aguiar to be part of their panel of experts. D’Aguiar has shared the stage numerous times throughout NZ and Australia with her colleague, Dr. Andrews, whose technology she has licensed exclusively for use in her anti aging, skincare range.

In addition to appearing at the RAAD Festival, D’Aguiar and husband, as well as business partner, Chris have also been named on the advisory committee for the Radical Life Extension Coalition (RLE Coalition). The purpose of the RLE Coalition and RAAD Festival is to bring about a sea change in how radical life extension is viewed and understood, in order to generate greater support for a broad range of related initiatives from scientific research to social and psychological breakthroughs, to intellectual and artistic expression.

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