When you glance in the mirror…

When you glance in the mirror...Do you sometimes catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think who is that old woman?

Looking younger, aging gracefully are often topics of conversation among women when they reach a certain age.We would like products that enhance our beauty,slow down the formation of wrinkles or even stop the aging process altogether. there are many skin care products that claim to do this on the market and like most of you I’m sure, I have tried many of them.

We often say wouldn’t it be great if there was such as product that was easy to apply that could not only slow down the aging process but possibly even reverse it?

One Truth 818 Serum is such a product. The beauty of this special serum it can be used in the delicate eye area as well as the face and neck area. So for me I am saving on buying extra eye cream and any product that can save me money and do what it promotes, gets my vote.

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Katherine Baltazar

I am a media reporter writing for the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industry. I've been writing and covering salons, beauty products and hair treatments for the pace 5 years.