Why RAAD Fest is revolutionary

In 2016, the first RAADfest was held. Listen as James Strole, Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, explains why RAAD Fest is different from any other life extension, futurist and anti aging conference.

“Imagine Woodstock meets TEDmed. — Greta Blackburn.

RAAD Fest will make history as the first time to see the pieces of radical life extension come together, including transhumanism, AI, cryonics, nanotechnology, futurism, regenerative medicine, psychological and cultural implications, art, music, performances and more, will all be represented at RAAD Fest with top experts of each field. 

Every field has made great steps forward in the past few years, from clinical trials to media attention. RAAD Fest will see them collaborate and design a new comprehensive future humanity model that will benefit us all.

With participants from many countries already registered, inspiring performers and top experts confirmed to present, you can’t miss this event.


If you were not  able to attend last year, don’t let the opportunity to join us pass again. Visit RAADfest 2017 now to register.

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