Can You relate With Felicity?

Last year 64 Year Old Felicity sent us this message

"Even though I don’t smoke and live a healthy lifestyle - I have deep facial lines"

At the time she felt like the skin and appearance of her face was making her look older than she was and this fit, healthy and active grandmother did not like that one bit!

Maybe you can relate to Felicity's plight?  I certainly have many people of all ages contacting me asking 

  • Am I too old to start?
  • Is the damage already irreversible?
  • If I'm already healthy can activating telomerase really make a difference?

Needless to say Felicity is thrilled she decided to try our One Truth 818 Serum and I'm sure you'll agree that in just a very short time she has knocked YEARS off her appearance (I reckon 10-15!) she now thinks her appearance lines up more with how she feels on the inside.

Look at the difference in the sun damage across her forehead, the lift in her jowls and jawline, the reduction in depth of her wrinkles, even the colour under her eyes has brightened! 

Unlike any other product Felicity had tried, One Truth 818 goes to the root cause of ageing, the telomere, and works to repair and lengthen it.  Correcting the root cause of ageing means you see a difference in ALL age-related conditions of the skin.

  • No, you're never too old to start
  • Most of the damage can be reversed
  • Being 'healthy' is great - keep it up - but unfortunately the biological age of your skin may let you down, especially if you have been accidentally accelerating the ageing process. 
  • The only way for your skin cells to 'be' younger is by lengthening the telomeres within each cell (and yes you can achieve this topically!)

If you thought you needed injectables or medical intervention to improve your appearance this much - think again!

The patented molecule, our active ingredient TAM-818 is based on Nobel Prize winning science.  Applied topically, twice daily it is our most popular product around the world.

Give One Truth 818 serum a try today and if you are a new customer make sure you sign up today to receive a welcome voucher of your first purchase!