Meet Rachael D’Aguiar

“For years, as a professional skin therapist, I didn’t like the way the industry was heading.  Literally sand-blasting skin off people’s faces in the hope it would ‘look’ nicer.  I could see trusting consumers being duped!  I mean, if your face is inflamed from being pelted of course it’s going to ‘look nicer’, the inflammation has plumped out the wrinkles!  But I knew inflammation started responses within the skin that actually aged it faster, simple science really, and it upset me greatly that people were being lied to and taken advantage of for profits”

- Rachael D’Aguiar, creator of One Truth818.

Topical Telomerase Pioneer

Rachael is known as the pioneer of topical telomerase activation, conducting these independent clinical trials which are still some of the most comprehensive testing ever done on a skincare product.

She created One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare brand which contains TAM-818, the most powerful Telomerase Activating Molecule ever discovered. This product has no other competitors and is proven more than 300 x stronger than any other anti-ageing ingredient on the market.

Dr Bill Andrews continues his quest to cure ageing and age-related diseases as well as speaking internationally on telomeres.  His research company receives royalties from every sale of One Truth 818 with TAM-818 so we can support this vital research.