Do Telomerase Activators Regrow Hair?

At One Truth 818 we have been musing about this since we first discovered that we could sell the most potent telomerase activator ever discovered as a topical treatment, but we’ve never done the studies. We've also mused about whether or not it would reduce grey hair but figured it would be easier and cheaper just to dye your hair and so again we didn't do the studies. The reason I am bringing the topic up now is that we just received a very interesting email from one of our customers, Jacqui Tabor in Australia. Here is what she said.

 “I have been using One Truth Atomiser for around 12 months now and started to notice my eyelashes were getting longer, so I started concentrating on rubbing the product into my lashes not just around my eyes.

My lashes have grown very long which for someone my age is rare. I’m 68yrs old.

I had an appointment at the bank the other day and the girl said to me

- "I cant stop looking at your eyelashes they are so long"

She also sent in some photos and she really does have very long eyelashes! I am the first to admit that this is hardly a scientific experiment.  But logically, if someone notices their eyelashes are getting longer and then focuses the treatment on their lashes only to see even better results and longer lashes than they have ever had - there is really no reason not to believe them.  It's not like its likely to be from anything else, I mean people in their 60’s don't just spontaneously grow longer lashes do they? 


In any case we took her claims seriously and began searching to see if we could find any scientific literature that might support Jacqui's claims.

This is what we found:

You can read the whole study if you want. It's a multi generational study using special mice that have been engineered to age like humans.  It's not a study specifically designed to measure hair loss and hair greying though those are 2 of the metrics that are tested. Basically they made mice that age like humans and waited for them to get old, they noted that the mice lost hair and developed grey hair in a similar way to humans, then they restored telomerase activity to the next generation and noticed that they did not suffer from hair loss or hair greying, if suffer is in fact the right word, mice are probably less self conscious than we are.

So I for one am very intrigued and perhaps one day you will see a One Truth 818 Shampoo on our website or in your local beauty salon. For now, if you, or someone you know has grey or thinning hair (preferably female or a male who didn't begin to lose hair until at least his 50’s, as young men lose hair for reasons unrelated to telomerase) then please take some before pictures and begin applying One Truth 818 atomizer to your scalp, send us your results along with the details of what you did, how much how often etc and we’ll make it worth your while even if your results are that nothing happened.

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