How the discovery of TAM-818 almost didn't happen

It was back in 2011 that a chance conversation lead to the discovery of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredient available today. But it almost didn’t happen.  

A year earlier in 2010 an investor in USA based research company, Sierra Sciences LLC, commissioned the search to find the most powerful Telomerase activator ever. Sierra Sciences founder Dr. Bill Andrews was well known as the scientist who discovered Telomerase, an enzyme that when activated helped to re-lengthen the Telomere, which is the tip of the chromosome. This was an exciting opportunity for him and his team.

For those who are unfamiliar with Telomeres and Telomerase here is a brief science lesson.

“Telomeres” are the cap of each chromosome, protecting the DNA stored inside and were first discovered in the 1930’s. It was in the 1970’s that scientists discovered that the telomere’s shortened as we age, going from 15,000 bases when we are born to around 5000 when we die.

For years many scientists looked for ways to slow or even stop the shortening, curious as to whether it would in turn slow or stop the ageing process.

It was in 1990’s when Dr. Bill Andrews led a team to discover an enzyme, duly named “Telomerase” that the truth was discovered. When Telomerase is expressed in your cells it actually re-lengthens the Telomere and reverses the biological ageing process. For this discovery Dr. Andrews was awarded National Inventor of the year and some tout it as the most important medical breakthrough since antibiotics.

In the quest to discover powerful Telomerase activators the scientific team at Sierra Sciences, of which Dr Bill Andrews is the President, screened over 300,000 compounds looking for the most effective. Around 900 were found to induce Telomerase in varying strengths.

But it was the 314,818th compound (known as C0314818) screened that was found to be the most powerful Telomerase activator and the decision was made to perform some additional medicinal chemistry on this compound in order to enhance it’s strength. Subsequent testing by Sierra Sciences showed that the compound was 16% of the Hela Scale (100% would be an immortal cell) meaning the rate of ageing of the cell was slowed down by 16% – still to this day it is the strongest Telomerase activator ever discovered on the planet.

This was all very exciting, however after producing just 50g of the compound at a cost of $500,000 USD it was decided by the team at Sierra Sciences that the cost was far too prohibitive and the compound was stored in a backroom cupboard, where it would stay for over 2 years.

It was during a regular Friday morning skype meeting between the investor and Dr. Bill Andrews team that the potency of ‘C0314818’ was questioned and revealed that the efficacy of this molecule was so remarkably strong only a small quantity was used to achieve the ground-breaking results shown at Sierra Sciences.  And this is where I came in…

I had had some previous discussions with Sierra Sciences around licensing their molecules and they were aware of my background not only as an entrepreneur but in particular the beauty industry. Naturally when they realised that C0314818 was commercially viable they called me straight away. “Are you still interested?” Well of course I was!

My company ‘Chase Life Extension Foundation’ then undertook almost 2 years of testing on the compound which included creating a complex liposome that would encapsulate the C0314818 enabling delivery of the compound into the deepest layers of the skin, as well as a base formula, a serum, in which the liposome would be included. We also decided to change the rather unfriendly compound name from C0314818 to TAM-818 (Telomerase Activating Molecule 818).

After months of collaborating with a cosmetic chemist I finally had a formulation that ticked every box.

  • Over 95% natural ingredients
  • Hydrating
  • Non-greasy, in fact gorgeous velvety feel
  • Can be used over the eye area
  • Vegan
  • NOT tested on animals

Containing 3 times the amount of TAM-818 that Sierra Sciences produced their amazing age-reversing results with!

And just in the nick of time I got the final formulation onto stability testing before I gave birth to our second child. Nothing like a little motivation to get a job done!

Once I got the all clear on the stability of the serum the next step was to irrefutably prove its efficacy as a topical telomerase activator, something no other company has ever done before (or indeed since then).

The main purpose – to evaluate its anti-wrinkle efficacy and its capability in improving the skin elasticity and firmness on 100 healthy volunteers aged 36 to 65. But the tests also looked at skin sensitivity, cytotoxicity and mutagenicity.

I was incredibly nervous at this stage, I had invested almost $250,000 in this testing. I felt quite confident it would be a success, but there were no guarantees that it would be astounding. Fortunately when the results came back from ABICH Labs in Italy I was blown away – as was Dr. Bill Andrews and the team at Sierra Sciences. Never in my career have I seen a topical application WITHOUT exfoliating the skin, produce such significant improvements.



Summary of Test Results:

After 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth Serum with TAM-818 demonstrated:

The reduction of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%

Crow’s feet wrinkles reduced by 11.07%

Skin was firmer by 20.33%

Skin’s elasticity improved by 8.33%

I am so proud of these reports that they are all available in full to download.


During the ABICH Labs clinical trials the serum was simply known as ‘818 Serum’ however the serum was eventually called ‘One Truth 818’ – there is only one true way to reverse biological ageing, true anti-ageing, and that is to re-lengthen the telomere.

TAM-818 has the ability to turn on the gene that expresses Telomerase, slow the rate at which our Telomeres shorten and relengthen the critically short ones.

One Truth 818 was launched in January 2014 and to this day (5 years later) is still the most powerful Telomerase activator found in any cosmetic by more than 500 times.