We Hear All Kinds of Crazy Claims in the Beauty Industry, But This One is the Craziest

Telomerase is an enzyme that must be produced and used within the cell.  If you were to rub telomerase all over your skin it would do no good as the molecule size is too big to penetrate through the skin.

That's why we are big on educating about Telomerase Activation, the only way to re-lengthen telomeres.

The more 'mainstream' the science of telomeres becomes the more we have noticed product companies claiming to affect telomeres.  Sometimes...if you REALLY use your imagination...some of their ingredients may have some effect on telomeres.  For example antioxidants.  Antioxidants reduce free radicals which, if left to their own devices, can lead to accelerated telomere shortening.  So antioxidants will assist to slow the rate of telomere shortening but they will not lengthen them.  However some companies will use 'Telomeres' so strongly in their marketing and insinuate their product is lengthening them.  This is simply not the case.

Which leads me to an alarming (yet interesting) story that Dr Bill Andrews (discoverer of the human telomerase gene and creator of TAM-818) told me many years ago.

Bill was told about a skin cream that was marketed as 'containing telomerase' which of course sparked his curiosity!  He knew that on the slight chance there was telomerase in there it couldn't do anything anyway because the molecule size couldn't penetrate...but remember what telomerase is?  It's an enzyme that is expressed from within a gene.  So who's telomerase is inside there?  Which animals DNA did they squeeze?! (although that's not scientifically accurate, you get my drift!). Anyway Bill called the owner of the company and she matter of factly told him that her product contained horse blood!!  So she assumed there must be some traces of telomerase in there too!

THAT IS ALL KINDS OF WRONG!!!  But I'll leave the ethics blog for another day!

Please don't be fooled by products claiming to contain telomeres or telomerase and if a product claims to effect telomeres read the ingredients thoroughly, as I said it may contain antioxidants.  Whereas these are beneficial for you, antioxidants in skincare are not particularly expensive so the price tag should reflect that and not be falsely elevated due to their 'telomere' claim.

If you are already using One Truth 818 then you've been applying the world's strongest telomerase activator ever created.  TAM-818 is the most expensive ingredient I know of which is why when companies try to copy us they mimic a high priced item, but their science doesn't support it.  

11 years of research and over $33 million dollars were invested into the discovery of TAM-818 and we are proud to have no competitors in the topical telomerase field.  

In the case of TAM-818. you certainly get what you pay for.