Welcome Catherine Tyldesley - One Truth 818 UK Ambassador

We are so excited to announce our first ever UK Ambassador, Catherine Tyldesley!

If you are from the UK she will need no introduction, but for those based around the world let me introduce you!

Cath is one of the UK’s favourite actresses having starred in their longest running soap opera, Coronation Street, for 9 years then moving into leading roles from murder mystery, period dramas, Strictly Come Dancing and stage musicals!  Multi- talented Cath is also a comedienne, writer and Mum of 2 little ones.

Being on camera all the time means having great skin is a non-negotiable for Cath, who recently turned 40.

Here is what Cath had to say about One Truth 818.

“The difference that I’ve noticed with these products, I can’t compare it to anything else. It’s absolutely standout and so many other people in the industry have noticed a difference in my skin, especially makeup artists. I was really surprised when I heard the science behind One Truth 818, because it does go against everything that we constantly see pushed in our faces. I feel as though I could kick myself really, because I’ve been doing things wrong for such a long time.

I’ve not been doing right by my skin.

And the product speaks for itself because literally within a couple of weeks I noticed my skin was firmer. I’m 40 now, my fine lines were much less noticeable. It sits so well under makeup. So for me, it ticked every box. And when I delved into the science side of things, it made total sense, which is why I was absolutely thrilled when One Truth 818 asked me to be an ambassador because it’s a product that I firmly believe in”.

Cath has been on quite the journey with her skin, like many of us!  Celebrities are not immune to skin challenges.


“My weight has yo-yo'd over the years, so I was also really seeking something that would help to firm the skin up, because it's quite difficult to get that elasticity back. And I found that with One Truth 818. It's been the only product actually so far that I've really noticed the skin tighten with”.


“You see results really quickly, and we all want that, don't we? So it's something that I'm going to stick with now. I'm invested! The other great thing about One Truth 818 is that it doesn't consume too much time. As a young mum of two time and stress are big factors. It takes me a moment in the morning to use my atomizer, to use my serum. Same thing at night. It's so quick, looking back at my old skincare regime, which was all over the place, it was so time-consuming and I wasn't seeing results. Whereas this is super fast, I'm getting results, I can get on with my day whilst balancing a child on my lap. It just works for me as a busy working mum”. 


Yes Cath - many of us can relate!


We are so excited to work with Cath.  To learn more about this talented woman follow her on instagram @aunticath17