Welcome to One Truth 818, Maria Alejandra Requena!

One Truth 818 are so very pleased to announce our new partnership with celebrity Ambassador, Maria Alejandra Requena. ‘Mariale’ is a highly respected 2 times Emmy Award Winning Venezuelan journalist.

Mariale is best known for her work as a Morning News Anchor for CNN on their program Panorama Mundial and also recognised for having worked as an anchor for several shows on the Mega TV network.

Mariale has been using One Truth 818 products for several months and is seeing some amazing results saying her skin is the best it has been in years!  She shares our vision and philosophy and is passionate about sharing our message and helping others to stop accidentally ageing their skin faster and have younger skin instead. 

Here is what Maria had to say about One Truth 818.

"One Truth 818 truly works and I say it because I have seen results and I am happy with them. My skin is right now much better than in years when I used every kind of product - from serum to cream for the face, for the neck, for expression lines next to the eyes, laser treatments and more! I spent a ton of money but I still wasn’t happy with how my skin looked, especially the skin on my neck, with which I have suffered for YEARS. I wish I had discovered One Truth 818 earlier because it has changed my life. My skin - I started to see the results in just a few weeks!

The secret is that One Truth 818 has the most powerful, exclusive activator of telomerase in the world that has the power to cause our telomeres to become longer again and bring back our ageing at a cellular level. Because of this, right now, and after seeing the results - because believe me, I would not be recommending it if I hadn’t!  I can tell you that this works. It’s what I use and it has truly worked for me!"

*We’ve taken the liberty of translating her quote to english.

Maria Alejandra started her career in television in Caracas where she worked as an anchor for the RCTV network in 1998, hosting programs such as Atrevete a Soñar De Boca en Boca. It was there that she gained further attention when she started working with CNN Latino Miami in January of 2013. 

Like many others in her industry, Mariale ceased to work for CNN earlier this year freeing her up to write and launch her first book ‘I Choose to be Happy’ (english translation).  Receiving high acclaim not just for her book but also the resilience and journey she shares, Mariale has been busy with many television appearances and key note speaking events, inspiring others to strive towards happiness, particularly in adversity.

Thank you Maria Alejandra for your glowing recommendation! We are so excited to work with you. 

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